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Tara Bradbury
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A chance meeting set photographer Delena-Jane Windsor-Lane on a new path

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in the fall of 2004, so the story goes, Blipfoto founder Joe Tree of Scotland built a website, allowing him to publish his personal photos and write a few words about it. His plan was simple: he would upload only one photo every day, and it would be taken on that day only.

Two years later, he invited others to join the site. In 2010, Tree’s website turned into a full-time career, and these days Blipfoto gets more than 15 million page views each month. Users worldwide have posted almost two million pictures to the Edinburgh-based website.

“Blipper” Delena-Jane Windsor-Lane of Foxtrap has posted more than 1,000 photos to the site, and hasn’t missed a day in more than two years.

“There’s pretty well nowhere I go without my camera with me,” she told The Telegram.

Born in Germany, Windsor-Lane was a military kid who spent most of her childhood in Ontario. She and her husband, a native Newfoundlander, also a former military man, have been living here for the past 10 years.

By day, Windsor-Lane works as a cleaner, and it was one of her clients who inspired her to take up photography.

“One gentleman is into photography and he would show me his pictures, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I think I can do that,’” she explained. She took a photography course with local photographer Shane Kelly, and apart from that, is self-taught though experience.

In 2010, Windsor-Lane’s photography won a spot on Downhome magazine’s yearly calendar, and that gave her the push and the confidence she needed to start taking her work seriously.

Windsor-Lane finds inspiration around her house, and many of her photos feature the woods and stream in her backyard, Topsail beach sunsets and other scenery. What she specializes in, however, is macro photography: extremely close images of teeny-tiny subjects.

“I love taking photos of things you can’t see with the naked eye,” she said.

Among them: incredible detail of single snowflakes, set precariously on the end of a tree branch; dewdrops on the silvery strands of a spider web, the texture of a flower petal, and the transparent wings of a tiny insect.

When it comes to finding subjects to photograph, she takes inspiration as it comes to her.

“I’ll probably go out tonight and there could be water drops on a leaf or something. Then there could be a bug that goes by, and that might change my mind, and I might want to take a picture of the bug,” she said.

One of her favourite things to photograph is water, in all its forms, particularly miniscule droplets on flowers or feathers, or splashed in puddles, capturing the light. One photo, which she’s called “Soapy Water,” is unrecognizable in macro form, in a rainbow of colours.

Sometimes, tiny objects are reflected in the droplets, creating art within art.

Windsor-Lane admits she thought her photography project was over one day last summer, when she slipped while shooting her backyard stream and fell on a twig, which went into her eyeball.

“It was my right eye, too,” she said. “I thought for sure that was the end, but no, I just learned to take photos with my other eye. For six weeks I could barely see through it, it was blurry, and I just kept on going with my left eye. It’s fine now, though.”

Windsor-Lane has sold a few of her prints to friends, and said she’d love to make photography her career. She’d also love to have a gallery exhibit, though she acknowledges she’s still a little shy.

Blipfoto is helping her in that regard, since others are able to comment on her pictures once she uploads them.

“When you start getting comments from people saying, ‘Your photos are beautiful,’ then your confidence starts getting a bit better,” she said.

“I would love to have a full-time career with this, I definitely would. It’s a relaxing thing for me. If I’ve had a stressful day, I just take the camera and go out. My husband, if he knows I’m in a bad mood, he says, ‘Come on, we’ll go take some pictures.’”

Windsor-Lane said she’s not finished with her Blipfoto photo diary and doesn’t plan on missing a day. It’s not hard, she said — she’s addicted.

“There’s something around here that I find that I’ll take a picture of every single day, and I think about it all day long.”

Windsor-Lane’s work can be viewed on Blipfoto at

Twitter: @tara_bradbury

Organizations: The Telegram, Downhome magazine

Geographic location: Scotland, Foxtrap, Germany Ontario

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  • Darlene Wadden
    May 03, 2013 - 21:35

    I have been following DelenaJane's journal on Blipfoto for quite some time, her photos are very inspiring.