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Paula Tessier
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Cellphone upgrade, that is

If you were to listen to every cellphone voice mail hubby has ever had, I would venture to guess that at least 97 per cent of them sound something like “I don’t know why you even have a cellphone, you never answer the bloody thing! If, by some weird chance, you get this message, call me back will you?”

So cute. Like he could figure out how to check his voice mail!

Back in the day, when cellphones were too big to cram into your purse, I was probably one of the first people to have one. As a then stay-at-home-mother, a trip to the supermarket by myself was like a night out or a mini-vacation, and I treasured it.

But once that blasted cellphone was part of the equation, hubby would nearly drive me bats, interrupting my bulk-section solitude by calling, just because he could, just to see what I was buying.

This should have been the first indication that the cellphone would always be a bone of contention between the two of us.

As for him, though, someone might really, truly need to reach him so they call, repeatedly, then text, repeatedly, then call me, as though hubby might actually answer if it were me reaching out. Like I’m special. Puh!

Hubby always has the same two excuses on tap and ready; “I didn’t hear it,” or, “The battery was dead.”

Oh OK, that takes away all the frustration. However in his defence, he was using an archaic model phone that, in all likelihood, was well past its lifespan and likely not functioning.

So, one day a couple of weeks ago, I meet him at the cell store to help him pick out a new device. Because he’s used to his iPad, I suggested the iPhone might be an easier transition for him. He just smiled and nodded as I led him to the area where he might get a decent case to protect his new investment.

Well, in no time he had it all figured out including setting text and ring sounds that he might actually hear. Explaining data and how important it was to close his search engine and use Wi-Fi whenever possible, well that’s going to take a bit of time.

So two weeks ago I was at our getaway place in Green’s Harbour and he was back home. I looked at my own iPhone and noticed a missed Facetime call from hubby. Now if you are unsure about what Facetime is, like he clearly was, it’s when two people with iPhones and an Internet connection, can actually have a visual phone call with each other — just like Skype.

Feeling quite impressed that he would use this feature, I hit the Facetime button right back.

He answered, and as impressed as I originally was, he was equally unimpressed. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Did you Facetime me a while ago?

Hubby (with his eyebrows knitted together in a tight frown): Uh, yeah, I did that by mistake and hung up.

Me: Why would you do that? This is fun.

Hubby: Not really. Listen, is there a little square in the top corner of your screen showing what you look like talking to me?

Me (chuckling): Yes, of course.

Hubby: Mine too. Do I look like that?

Me: Do I look like what you see?

Hubby: Yeah.

Me: Well?

I am happy to say he is now answering both calls and texts. The jury is still out on the video call although he did have fun Facetiming his buddy who was sitting right next to him in the shed last Friday night. Turns out, that guy had never heard of it either. I suspect the beverages may have made it seem even funnier between the two of them.

So hubby is now reachable, mind you he may just be ready to trade the iPhone in for the old model once he realizes how popular he really is.

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