Good things come in threes

Paula Tessier
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Of all the places I’ve visited in the world, and all the places I’d love to see, there are three that are held dearest. First is Hickman’s Harbour, where I grew up, learned to make epic mud cakes, and had some of my most valued friendships, many of which continue to this day. Mount Pearl, where we’ve been happily living and raising our family for the last 25 years, is the second. The third is Green’s Harbour, where we purchased our getaway place that I crave for on a weekly basis.

Well. because Friday was a holiday, I spent the day and night in Green’s Harbour. There were gallons of tea consumed, perhaps a bottle may have been uncorked, far too many chocolate-covered jujubes met their fate, a great feed of fish and chips was enjoyed with the entire family before they headed back to spend Friday evening with their friends — even though I thought the lure of a Pictionary tournament was too great to resist.

So on Saturday morning I packed up and headed back to Mount Pearl in hopes of beating the pending April snowstorm.

On the way home, it was just me, my pup, and some great tunes. Singing at the top of my lungs all the way back (so if you passed a little red car and witnessed that spectacle, my apologies).

And best of all, no snow. In fact at one point I thought it was trying to get sunny, so surely the forecasters were wrong and the whole thing was blowing offshore.

By the time I walked into our house in Mount Pearl, I was in a pretty great mood.

How lucky we were to be breathing on this planet. How lucky to be able to look at gorgeous Trinity Bay on a regular basis. How fortunate we are to have three wonderful, albeit messy, young men.

After a while, hubby quickly became the target of my high-spirited mood.

“Come on, let’s go out and run some errands!” I pleaded to the man with The Weekend Telegram in his grasp as he lay comfortably on the couch.

Now he’s been down the road with me before and knew better than to resist. So with a grin on his face he hauled himself up and put on his shoes.

As we were walking out the door though, it started to snow.

No matter. Nothing could ruin my mood, even a late April storm.

The plan was to deliver something for a local fundraiser, bring coffee to a friend and return dishes to a great person who thoughtfully prepared a meal for us after my father in law passed away.

And after all that, if hubby was agreeable, I’d let him treat me to lunch. I’m good like that.

So after the first errand, I grabbed my cellphone to call my own mother to wish her a Happy Easter.

My older brother was visiting and answered the phone. It seems Mudder was cooking turkey dinner and while we had originally planned to be there for it, the stormy forecast forced a change of plans.

Now the weather truly wasn’t living up to the hype, so my brother discretely whispered into the phone, “Sure why don’t you just come on out now? You’d be here in time for supper, then go on back again!”

Our offspring were all out with friends, and knowing the idea of a 2 1/2 hour drive just for supper and then the same drive back wouldn’t necessarily appeal to them, a simple text explaining we’d flown the coop was sent to all three while hubby and I headed west.

Supper was outstanding, well worth the drive to and from.

Banter with my family is always a hoot. And even the snowy drive back to Mount Pearl wasn’t so bad.

Little did I know Saturday morning that I’d be in my three favourite places before going to bed that night.

Next weekend I’ll dream about three places with sand and palm trees, will crank up the tunes, and see where that leads us.

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Geographic location: Mount Pearl, Trinity Bay

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