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Paula Tessier
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On Sunday past, the calendar told us it was the day to celebrate our mothers.

Now, I’m a big fan of any day where it is expected I should do nothing all day but be tended on. However, celebrating the people who raise you — mother, father or any other qualified loving adult — well, that shouldn’t be restricted to one day. But here we have it, Mother’s Day, and being a mother, a daughter and a daughter-in-law, there was much celebrating to do.

Now, how to fit it all in? It was decided we’d have brunch with my mother at our place in Green’s Harbour, then barbecue with our mother-in-law and all the other Tessier clan at supper. Good eating all around?

Count me in!

So, while we were in Green’s Harbour the weather was actually quite pleasant — not warm and sunny mind you. It’s only mid-May; let’s not get foolish! But it was nice enough to sit out and drink tea.

While we were there, my mother and I decided it would be wonderful to get a nice picture together. Now, her funny bone extends all the way up one arm and down the other; this woman loves to laugh! So between that, and the foolishness that my faux photographer husband gets on with, getting a sensible picture might prove to be a bit difficult.

Have you ever seen a photographer struggle tirelessly and with unending patience, in hopes of getting one single great picture of his or her challenging subject? There was none of that. This photographer-for-a-day loved the fact that very little put his subject over the edge with laughter and he took full advantage.

About 20 pictures were taken within three minutes, in hopes of having one nice picture we could post on Facebook to commemorate this day celebrating motherhood.

About 19 of those 20 pictures had my mother in racks of laughter, either bent over in hysterics, or bursting out loud staring straight at her son-in-law with delight, with me laughing right along with her, in complete admiration for her joy of life.

A sensible picture? Forget about it.

While waving the white towel, then dabbing my tears of laughter with it, she and I proceeded back inside to see the result of our little photo shoot.

There we sat, scrolling and cracking up at our clear inability to sit and be reserved long enough to get a picture of two grown women with tea in hand and Trinity Bay at a flat calm behind them. It simply could not be done!

Hubby wasn’t helping the situation at all by feeding into anything and everything that would make my mother laugh. Mission accomplished. The more she laughed, the more I laughed, the faster he pushed the shutter button.

Of course, there were one or two snaps that, to the untrained eye, may have looked like we weren’t biting back the giggles, but we knew they were there and so would anyone else who knows us at all. There was no way we could pass those few pictures off as anything less than what they were — two women in knots, but trying to look like they weren’t.

 To top it off, that picture we originally wanted, the well-behaved mother and daughter, smiling ever so happily yet reflectively together, well anything that remotely resembled that pose was instantly passed over for the fun, head-thrown-back, laughing-out-loud picture, because, well, it looked more like us.

And I will take it, thankfully.

A few pictures were posted, none of them sensible, each of them wonderful. A perfect way to remember this day where I celebrated my mother. And every day that I look at those pictures, every day that I remember the fun we had, the celebration will continue!

Dad, this is your warning. June is coming up and my memory card has loads of room!

Geographic location: Green, Trinity Bay

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