Happy birthday to our favourite furball

Paula Tessier
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Fourteen years ago, on July 1, fireworks shot high into the air all over our glorious country to celebrate a very special birthday. That’s right, one young ball of fluff made his entrance into the world and into our family. Once again, we heard the phrase, “It’s a boy!”

OK, the fireworks would have happened anyway, I suppose, what with it being Canada Day and all, however in our world they sparkled a whole lot brighter because the latest addition to our family was born.

With four paws for sure, one tail, two floppy ears, and those eyes we’ve never been able to say no to, His Royal Highness Jack Tessier was hatched and our family was beyond excited.

We visited the furry birth parents when our pup was but one week old and fell madly in love the very second we laid eyes on him. It didn’t hurt that, when I first held him to my chest with one hand, all the baby puppy fat oozed between my splayed fingers as he nuzzled his tiny little nose into my neck. Yup, I was a goner!

It’s hard to believe that was 14 years ago. You know how sometimes having a pet makes life a little challenging? How sometimes you question your decision to even obtain another living creature that requires so much attention if it isn’t an actual human child?

We’ve been there before. But not with this pooch. Not one second in our lives have we questioned our decision to adopt him. In fact, we are thankful every single day — always have been.

Our Jack has proven to be quite the spoiled little boy. It’s not his fault really; he makes it quite easy in fact. He doesn’t shed, rarely barks and doesn’t chew up my shoes — slippers were another story back in his younger years, but they looked ever so cute rested under his head when he was finished the demolition.

He’s old now and my slippers are safe. Yes, he still rests his head on them, but is truly far too lazy to do any damage to them anymore.

Jack is not unlike the other men in our house; happiest when he’s eating and sleeping.

When a courier person first started making deliveries at our house, Jack hopped out to greet him, then walked outside onto the front step, and eventually made his way out to the lawn.

The first time it happened the courier guy instantly expressed concern for Jack’s safety, “Won’t he run away?” he asked in slight panic, “Should I get him back?”

I explained to the poor man that running away would require actual effort from Jack, and he simply wasn’t up to that kind of commitment. Sure enough, the pup looked ahead at the wide open world, then turned around and made his way back into the house to his bed.

Last month, hubby and I took him for a walk around a pond. At the beginning of our walk he was doing great. Hopping from one end of the path to the other, smelling every tree, marking that tree once the investigation was over, and happily moving on to the next.

He actually ran a little and given his age, accompanied by his general lack of interest in physical activity, we were delighted at his new found energy. However it became very clear when the wall was hit. For those who may need more obvious indicators, when he leaned to be picked up and carried the rest of the way, with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, well it was safe to say he was done.

But this boy celebrated 14 big ones Tuesday. Fourteen years of pure joy and love.

So as you enjoyed the fireworks to celebrate our fantastic country, our family dedicated a small little spark to the 20-pound heartbeat of our house.

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  • Beth
    July 02, 2014 - 21:37

    This article is about a dog. Please do more articles pertaining to news and not about dog's. Wasted my 10 minutes of time reading this thinking it was something worth reading.