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Paula Tessier
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Did you ever see that cartoon movie where the dog is being mocked for his short attention span?

I can’t recall the name of the movie — must have been distracted when the trailer was playing. But in defence of that poor completely fictional pup, I would like to offer justification for his lack of ability to stay focused on one thing. His mind was just too busy!

We’ve all been there, are probably there right now. How many of you are reading this, but also thinking about what you need to get done today?

What projects are nagging at the back of your mind, driving you batty like the high-pitched whine of a mosquito torturing you on its continuous flight path around your ear, successfully dodging every flick from your hand?

I prefer to write down my “To do” list so the back of my mind isn’t clogged up. But sadly, that’s not always an option.

One evening last week, a most rare occurrence took place. Hubby and I both had an entire evening together with nothing scheduled, no commitments, for either of us. We were astounded.

For some reason, after supper we were both in the car together (I can’t even remember why) marvelling at the fact that we had nothing extra on our agendas that evening. While heading towards our home, from whence I cannot recall, my relaxing mind reminded me that the day before, I had found a movie gift certificate in the back of my purse.

Two adult passes, a bucket of sodium-laced popcorn and overpriced beverages that you really shouldn’t drink at the start of a two-hour movie.

I had purchased one too many of these gift certificates at Christmas — my mind wasn’t clear enough then to do basic math, but it was Christmas. A sense of nothing less than pure addlement should be expected.

With this newfound old gift certificate in mind, and “The Grand Seduction” still unseen, I suggested we make a date of it.

To my shock, hubby was receptive. You see, this spouse of mine doesn’t generally fare well with movies. Watching something on a screen that doesn’t have opposing teams, a scoreboard or a national anthem, is a bit of a struggle. His mind wanders. So to hear him agree to a movie, especially on such short notice, was a most welcome surprise.

At that exact time, the gas light came on so we headed towards the nearest fuel pump. After the tank was replenished and he got back in the car, I turned to him and asked, “You want to get a hot fudge sundae and go for a drive?”

His face registered a most delightfully surprised look and he more than eagerly responded with an affirmative answer.

Why the frig was he so happy about that? Of course we both love a bit of ice cream, have always loved a nice drive together, but this reaction was odd. So I questioned him.

Well, can you believe that in the amount of time it took him to pump gas, my mind wandered so much, I had completely forgotten about our freshly laid plans and moved on to something else?

But there was fear on his face when he asked for clarification. “Did you mean before we go to the movie? Or instead of?” with a little too much anticipation for the latter question.

The movie! Seriously now. In as long as it takes to empty a wallet to fill a tank, my thought process covered so many topics, it wiped out anything considered just minutes before.

Have you been there? Should I be nervous? Should I take a relaxing few days off? Or should I just smile and nod, accepting that the cartoon pup’s short attention span is likely based on real life experience?

As I did with the ultimate choice between the movie and the ice cream, we’ll go with the latter.


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