Writer performs on festival stage

Updated on October 07, 2015 - Thursday night’s Festival of New Dance program paired “Jamais Seule (Never Alone)” by Corpuscule Danse, and “Performance May Be...

‘The Fear of Being Human’

Updated on October 06, 2015 - Photography can be as much a study of humanity as it is the capturing of a moment. Through a lens, photographers can have a...

Bestsellers and blockbusters to go

Updated on October 03, 2015 - By Anna SwansonSpecial to the TelegramWhat if you could pop into the library and find the best and latest titles ready to be...

Etcetera for week of Oct. 7-14

Updated on October 06, 2015 - On TourHuman Playground’s Auto-Fiction is a stunning dance performance that takes place on top of a car in a downtown parking lot.

What’s upstream?

Updated on October 02, 2015 - Each month The Canadian Press looks at coming attractions on program streaming services. Here are their top picks:

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