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Tara Bradbury
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Bryan Adams brings ‘Bare Bones’ acoustic show to St. John’s

Bryan Adams’ appearance in St. John’s was met with controversy from the moment his first Mile One show was announced.

Bryan Adams performs during a recent stop on his “Bare Bones” tour. He will be in
St. John’s performing a collection of his hit songs tonight and Saturday. — Submitted photo

Some residents feel the vegetarian and PETA supporter is being hypocritical by visiting the province while the seal hunt, something about which he has been vocal about opposing, is ongoing. Others have said they’ll take the longtime Canadian rocker’s music over a feed of flippers any day.

Adams says he isn’t interested in debating the seal hunt, and he’s simply here to perform for his fans and nothing else.

Adams will perform the first of two shows at Mile One tonight, as part of an Atlantic Canadian “Bare Bones” tour.

Interspersed between regular stadium gigs — like the one he did at Mile One two years ago — Adams tours with unplugged shows, performing his songs, he says, acoustically, the way they were written. His most recent album, “Bare Bones,” is a collection of live recordings culled from his acoustic shows.

Adams agreed to a written Q & A feature with The Telegram:

Telegram: Why did you choose to do an acoustic tour? What do you hope your audience gets from such a stripped-down performance?

BA: the audience loves it because it takes songs that a very familiar and sets them against the most stark arrangements.

It becomes all about the voice and performance, nothing is over arranged, nothing gets in the way of the song. It’s surprising how well the bare bones arrangements work.

Telegram: Was it challenging to recreate some of your harder rock songs in acoustic format?

BA: there was no trouble because all of the songs were written on a guitar to start with. the difference is there is no percussion or drums, it’s all what happens on the guitar

Telegram: What can fans expect from the show? — Greatest hits? New material?

BA: the show is basically all of the songs you know and love, but performed the way they were written — on acoustic guitar.

There are some newer songs too, some from the “Bare Bones” album, some from the last studio album, some from the MTV unplugged album, some obscure, maybe a cover song, maybe a request … it sometimes depends on the night.

Telegram: Can we expect a new Bryan Adams album soon?

BA: yes there are three albums in the works right now, one is a covers album with one new song to be released in September, the other is a 30th anniversary issue of “Reckless” with five or six new bonus tracks, and finally I’m doing an album of original songs with Jeff Lynne which will come out next year.

Telegram: Is this acoustic format a new direction for you now?

BA: I’ve been touring like this on and off for six years, and released a “Bare Bones” album a few years ago to support it, since there were many people asking for one.

Now I run two tours concurrently, one with the band the other as an acoustic show with me on acoustic guitar and Gary (Breit) on piano.

Telegram: There have already been a number of comments made and letters to the editor, questioning you coming here while being so tied to PETA and its anti-seal hunt campaign. Some have called you hypocritical. What do you say to that?

BA: Last time I checked, it was OK in this country to have an opinion on what goes on in the world.

Either way, I’m coming to Newfoundland for my fans and to play music, not to get drawn into a debate with the seal killing industry.

However, for the record, I’m a veggie and against the deliberate killing of ALL animals, not just seals, so for those people that want to protest about my coming to play a gig, make sure to get all the chicken farmers, cow farmers and fishermen to march in unity at my presence.

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Organizations: MTV

Geographic location: Newfoundland

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Recent comments

  • newfoundland animal rights activist
    April 28, 2014 - 07:34

    To those who seems to complain that Bryan Adams came here and took your money with his concert.. he didn't force anyone to go.. people went to his concert of their own freewill.. I am glad he came here. After all it is a nice balance.. Not all entertainers that come here are in support of the seal slaughter. are you going to be nasty to them too or is that Newfoundland hospitality only for those in favour of the seal slaughter?

  • Bridget Curran
    April 28, 2014 - 06:11

    Oh boo hoo. The pro-sealing bullyboys can't stop Bryan Adams from performing for his fans in Newfoundland. Not all Newfoundlanders support the annual seal slaughter. Get over yourselves.

  • Money grab for the rich and shameless
    April 27, 2014 - 02:56

    It's all about the "bare bones"of the almighty dollar mr.adams,of course u don't want to talk about what u "believe and practice",understandable seeing u are against the very ppl u take here into your "intimate setting",someone should have smacked u with a flipper and sent u kicking back to sunny Cali.

  • No more BA for me
    April 26, 2014 - 19:05

    I guess his Canada does not include Atlantic Canada. What a complete a***hole. Happy to come take our money, criticize a way of life for people, but totally gutless when asked to discuss his views. "I want to be able to say any stupid thing I want, boycott Atlantic tourism, make boatloads of money of your backs, but I will not discuss my stupid views"

  • da bejer
    April 26, 2014 - 10:49

    If B.A. was truly a man of his word; he would only play in venues where there almost totally against the seal hunt,i.e. California, Florida and most of Europe. Oppose a way of life for our fishermen but its ok to come here and make money. You sir are a hypocrite of the highest order.

  • Nikki
    April 26, 2014 - 05:08

    Bryan Adams is musician who also gives back Having seen Bryan countless times, his concert prices remain true to when he first started (well under £100). What you see is what you get! Raw talent. Certainly can't wait for my fix on 22 and 26 November 2014 in London.

  • ashley
    April 26, 2014 - 01:02

    brayan adams also campaigns against our tourism industry. he thinks its okay to, not only, not support our people and our economy, but campaign against us, and make money off those same people when it suits him. not good enough mr.adams, not good enough. to come here to make your livelihood while our sealers, who peta exploits and demonizes, are out trying to make theirs, is just disrespectful! then to add insult to injury, he refuses to talk to us about peta's campaigns against, not only our sealing industry, but our tourism industry and our people. all we wanted was a sit down, not a debate, very disrespectful indeed. he likes the fan base that comes with being an animal rights activist, but hes not willing to speak on his stance. yes, mr. adams, its okay to have an opinion on something, but you not only have an opinion, you are lobbying to end something you really know nothing about, and obviously don't care to know anything about. we just wanted to share our side with you so you could then make an informed opinion. mr.adams does humanitarian benefit concerts, such as farm aid, well I ask, has there ever been a more deserving cause then the plight of the newfoundland fisherman? the hypocrisy is overwhelming!

  • Mikes
    April 25, 2014 - 19:46

    This article only enforces my disdain for rich celebrity activists. These PETA fanatics dont want to talk about their profit driven propoganda business nor do I want to have his VEGAN lifestyle shoved down my throat. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Canadian.

    • Tami SD
      April 26, 2014 - 03:00

      At what point was Bryan Adams opinion being " shoved down your throat" in this article. The man was asked a question & he answered it - in fact he has come to NL DESPITE the fact that he disagrees with the seal hunt - NOT because of it. Just because you so obviously agree with the hunt you find his presence offensive because he disagrees with you. Your problem - not his! Oh & for reference - the majority of the population of THE REST OF THE WORLD disagrees with the seal hunt. Take your head out of the rarified atmosphere of the supporter movement in NL & realize that you are in the minority! Yours Truly, A. Canadian living in Europe

  • Dwayne Cull
    April 25, 2014 - 11:38

    The trip was about the "Money" Brian... everything is about the money...

  • Unfortunate Son
    April 25, 2014 - 10:16

    How can it be "Bare Bones" if you don't eat meat?

    • Prodical Son
      April 25, 2014 - 19:38

      Bare Bones....have you ever listened to his music? It's about soul. Bare soul. This man has for site and feeling and that's how he writes his music. Everyone has to make money to live...thank God B.A. does it with his guitar and voice and not a knife or a gun.

  • Unfortunate Son
    April 25, 2014 - 09:27

    How can it be "Bare Bones" if you don't eat meat?