Dinner theatre opened for season in Cupids

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Theatre New World Theatre Project has stage, shows up and running

The New World Theatre Project has three shows up and running in Cupids, following the opening of Kerri MacDonald's "Feast of the Sword" this weekend.

"Feast of the Sword" is a dinner theatre playing at Cupids Community Hall. The show is scheduled to run Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6 p.m. until Aug. 21.

The New World Theatre Project has three shows up and running in Cupids, following the opening of Kerri MacDonald's "Feast of the Sword" this weekend.

"Feast of the Sword" is a dinner theatre playing at Cupids Community Hall. The show is scheduled to run Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6 p.m. until Aug. 21.

The show is an original written by MacDonald, who has acted as a script consultant on "Republic of Doyle."

Rooted in the alternate history stream of fantasy writing, "Feast of the Sword" is the story of a 1610 meeting of three ships in the Atlantic, 30 days into their trip to the New World.

"What begins as a simple exhibition of swordplay quickly devolves into a dangerous battle for life and death," state show creators.

The show includes multiple sword fights, but was created for all ages.

The dinner accompanying the evening performances includes a winter salad with raisin and caper vinaigrette, a starter of "Renaissance Rice Balls," a choice of main course of chicken plum pie or cod with caramelized onions and currants alongside sweet potatoes. There will also be dates, rustic bread and a dessert of bunbury cake with English custard.

Tickets are $47.50 for adults or $36.25 for children younger than 12 and may be purchased through the Cupids 400 box office (709-528-1610).

Meanwhile, a $10 New World Theatre ticket, "The Tiring House" by Chris Driedzic, opened on June 19 on the English playhouse interpretation known as the Indeavour Stage. It runs until Aug. 22.

Also running on the Indeavour Stage is "Caesar," a three-actor adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." Note some recent performances of "Caesar" have not gone ahead due to "unforeseen circumstances." Yet the show has not been cancelled. It is scheduled to run until July 4 and all those interested in attending are encouraged to check with the Cupids 400 box office on availability.



Do you want to come out to the Indeavour Stage to catch a New World Theatre Production?
Why not make a day out of it?
Here's a possible itinerary for a day in Cupids. Sunday, June 27, is forecasted to be bright, warm and sunny.
11 a.m. - Leave St. John's (or wherever you may be).
Noon - Arrive in Cupids and have some lunch at Cupids Haven. They have a great menu (the fishcakes are a Rabbittown staff favorite).
1 p.m. - Catch Chris Driedzic's "The Tiring House."
2 p.m. - Take a walk around the town, perhaps walk down to the abandoned communities of "Greenland" or "Deep Gulch." The view is spectacular.
3 p.m. - Meet back at the Indeavour Stage for "Caesar." General admission is $25. Groundling tickets are $10.
4:20 p.m. - Head back home to enjoy the rest of your evening. You'll sleep well after spending so much time in the fresh air. Isn't it great to be able to see live theatre outdoors?
(Source: The Rabbittown Theatre Company and the New World Theatre Project newsletter)



Organizations: New World Theatre, Dinner theatre, Tiring House Rabbittown Theatre

Geographic location: Cupids, Atlantic, St. John's

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Recent comments

  • peanut
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02


    theatre artists must eat too. what would you propose? free shows for everyone? would you work for free?

    if you look at the new world theatre project ticket prices in comparison to other newfoundland summer theatre festivals, they are about the same.

  • don
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    In my opinion those theatre ticket prices are expensive unless you happen to be one of the thousands of theatre going elites who live in Newfoundland who can easily afford to pay to attend high classed theatre productions in Cupids. Anyway, we all know what happened to Caesar. I regularly read The Compass and The Telegram and I note that there have been dozens of promotional reports about Cupids in Transcontinental media over the past number of years, Why? Do the promoters of the Cupids celebrations or the Government pay for all this promotion or is it published for them free of charge? Are the Transcontinental reporters on the Cupids promoters e-mail list and at the ready when needed? Are the Transcontinental reporters friends of the Cupids promoters? Why does this Newspaper print whatever self promotion that comes from the promoters of the Cupids 400 celebrations? Is this Newspaper an investigative media journal or just a promotional tool for the Cupids 400 celebrations? I suspect that the celebration in Cupids and all the tax payer dollars spent to promote it will end up like all the Government and media hoopla that went into promoting the Sprung Greenhouse project that was supposed to revolutionize agriculture in Newfoundland. The Sprung debacle was heavily promoted by the Government and the media like Cupids is now. The Sprung project ended up as a complete financial and public relations disaster that cost Premier Brian Peckford his job! If the media had done its job and investigated the Sprung project before the Government sanctioned it, the project would have been stopped it in its tracks before it got off the ground. The media could have saved the Newfoundland tax payers $20 million dollars. As for Cupids, about $10 million tax payer dollars have already gone into that Government sanctioned project. I suspect that history will repeat itself and the Cupids project will be another Government and media promoted financial and public relations debacle.

  • Chris
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Don. Wow. Bitter much?

    You sound like a man who has a personal involvement in the project... or rather... used to have a personal involvement in the project.

    The ticket prices are on par with the rest of the professional theatre companies on the island as 'peanut' suggests. The performers of this festival - as far as I've seen - are of a higher quality... in my opinion.

    If you were to promote a production of any kind... related with Cupids or no... all you would have to do is contact the telegram and pitch it to them... there is no agenda here.

    And sprung? Seriously man? SPRUNG?

    If you're going to shoot down every article concerning Cupids 400... can you at least stay on topic?

    Come see a show.... then talk the trash. Otherwise it's just speculation.