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Annapolis Valley school board plans to cut teaching positions

BERWICK - The Valley’s school board is considering cutting back on teaching positions in response to mounting financial pressures.

Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (AVRSB) recently passed a motion that called for the number the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions to be decreased by 30.60:  from 927.19 to 896.59.

The motion, pending budget deliberations, was among several recommendations considered at a special meeting held in mid-April to review the staffing allocation proposal for the 2016-17 school year.

“The board is absorbing budgetary pressures and cost increases,” said AVRSB spokesperson Kristen Loyst.

AVRSB officials hope to have the budget approved in June, she added.

“The staffing process is currently underway, so some things have not been finalized,” wrote Loyst in an e-mail April 28.

It’s possible fewer than 30.6 FTE positions will be eliminated, Loyst said.

“We expect to be able to absorb any decrease in teaching positions through retirements and resignations,” she noted.

“All teachers with permanent and probationary contracts will have positions.”

Enrollment numbers, class sizes, course registration and grade configurations are among the variables considered when staffing reviews take place.

“Compared to five years ago, there are 1,489 fewer students enrolled in AVRSB schools. Current student enrollment is approximately 12,922 students,” said Loyst.

The board also passed motions approving a .70 FTE reduction in secretarial staff, and an overall increase of one hour per day for library services staff.

“Staffing formulas for these positions have not changed. Any reductions or increases in these positions occur as a result of changes in school enrollment,” said Loyst.

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