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I am a long-time resident of Ward 3,  simply a hard-working tax payer and husband who has the time, the energy, the enthusiasm, the compassion, the intelligence and a logical and balanced approach to problem solving that I think makes me an excellent choice as our Ward 3 councillor for at least the next four years. I love this city that I live in and I want to offer voters my life experiences, my passion for helping others and my common-sense approach to living life in hopes that residents of Ward 3 will honor me with their trust and their vote this September. I have worked very hard over the last calendar year to hopefully earn the opportunity to represent Ward 3 and to speak for my fellow residents on city council for the next four years. I appreciate every email and phone call that I have gotten from residents city-wide and I consider myself very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people over the past year. As well, I think there is a huge difference between wanting to win something and wanting to earn something. I want to earn the Ward 3 seat and I have worked extremely hard over the past year to do just that. My wife and I have enjoyed every second of this journey and I look forward to providing the residents of Ward 3 with ...A New Choice...A Stronger Voice. I would be honored to be our next Ward 3 councillor for the next four years. Please consider me in September.

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