Profile of Geoff Gallant


Geoff Gallant is currently the Deputy Mayor Torbay, Vice-Chairperson Jack Byrne Arena, and the President of the NL Stewardship Association of Municipalities.

In 2009, at the age of 33, he became the youngest person to ever be elected as Torbay’s Deputy Mayor with a record 65% of the vote. 

Geoff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Archaeology from Memorial University (1999) and graduated with distinction from the Information Technology Institute (2000). 

Professionally Geoff is a senior technology consultant with extensive local and international experience on high profile and business critical projects. He is also an active community volunteer who currently serves on several political and environmental executives and board of directors.

Geoff believes in a sustainable, transparent, long-term vision for Torbay. He takes great pride in his balanced approach to the issues and his reputation for being a strong and outspoken proponent of Torbay’s modern rural character, increased fiscal responsibility, and integrated community green spaces alongside improved infrastructure. 

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