Just for the Halibut

Updated on May 06, 2016 - While most attention these days is focused on who should should get how much of a share of northern shrimp, the Department of...

The halibut fishery is an important one for inshore fishermen on the west coast of this province.

Finding efficiencies in 911 program

Updated on May 05, 2016 - Municipalities have a role to play in ensuring efficiency of the 911 emergency response program in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Gas prices up in latest PUB report

Updated on May 05, 2016 - The price of gas increased today in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Public Utilities Board (PUB), in its weekly review, set maximum...

How well is your library used?

Updated on April 29, 2016 - Many of the libraries that are closing due to a more than $1-million cut to the provincial library board have low usage numbers but...

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