Stand Up Day

Updated at 13:27 - Stand up Day is on the 27th, but organizations may celebrate on any given day this week.

Stand Up

Cold wind chills

Updated on February 23, 2015 - Wind chills of -27 and -30 are expected tonight and tomorrow.

Just staying the night

Updated at 09:21 - The seal was noticed in the back yard of Vicki Hynes and Paul Hinks' house on Feb. 9.

Sprint today for Johnson

Updated at 11:29 - Michael Johnson came in 7th yesterday with a time of 17:28:40 in the 2.5 sit ski.

Blending musical ingredients

Updated at 09:10 - Fans from the Codroy Valley can't wait to see native Sherman Downey showcase his talents along with Matthew Byrne for an...

College opens its doors

Updated at 09:18 - College of North Atlantic has opened its doors to those looking to further their studies.

Other news

Other news