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Juris Graney
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Tom Linegar says when he hunts on his bicycle, the moose never hear him coming

Tom Linegar hunts moose using a 10-speed Targa bicycle as his mode of transport. — Photo by Juris Graney/The Northern Pen 

Moose never hear hunter Tom Linegar coming, unless of course they’re listening for the sounds of a 10-speed Targa bicycle.

The recently retired Army supply logistics officer has forgone hulking big trucks and ATVs, instead going for a stealthy and healthy hunting option — a bike.

When The Pen caught up with Linegar last week, he was pushing his light blue road racer down Route 430.

The bike had a three-legged stool strapped to one of the support beams and a big blue tarp — just in case it rained and as a big blue flag warning hunters of his presence if he gets a kill.

“You’re probably not going to see this every day I guess,” he said as the camera snapped off a couple of frames.

He’s right.

The 41-year military veteran, formerly of St. John’s but now living in Riverhead, Harbour Grace, said the bicycle was a natural progression from his early attempts at slipping silently up and down the highway.

“The first time I came up here I had a little Honda 80cc scooter,” he told The Northern Pen as we wandered along the road, keeping an eye out for prospective game — and cars.

“That was OK, but it was still a little too noisy for my liking so I went for something a little quieter. It doesn’t get much quieter than this. When it’s early morning and everything is still and quiet, you can just roll along the road and the moose never hears you.”

That is of course until he lets fly with the .308 he has slung across his shoulder.

“I saw a couple of big bulls this morning actually, I’d say 10 or 12 points” he said.

“There were two of them, not far off the road maybe a 100 feet. I just rode up and watched them. I was hoping that there was a cow about because that’s what my licence is for, but there wasn’t.”

The brother of Newfoundland country music singer Jimmy Linegar said he has spent a week on the coast for the past three hunting seasons and has bagged a caribou and two moose.

Once he’s shot his moose,  Linegar heads back to his camping site and grabs his pickup and comes back for the moose.

“I really love it up this way,” he said.

“The people are just so friendly. It feels like home.”

As the sun dipped further away and dusk crawled out of the shadows, The Pen left Linegar as he rode off into the sunset — literally.

The Northern Pen

Geographic location: Riverhead

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