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  • redrantingtory
    December 19, 2010 - 12:19

    While I cannot speak about safety in the processing industry I can speak about safety at sea in general. Speaking as a professional mariner who worked on the commercial side of the industry on large ships I can tell you that safety is very important and it's been ingrained in the industry so much so that the accident level on the commercial side is much much lower than in the fishery. Having read this article I have to ask fishermen and the person quoted here in the article how much does one human life cost. To boil this down to the fact that it cost to much for small boat fishermen to be safe is a cop out and pure ignorance that's been ingrained in the fishery for years. All it takes is common sense and few extra dollars to make a small boat much safer. The addition of safety equipment will cost money yes but in the it's worth the cost to return safely to your family every day. To many people are taking to the water every day without proper training and proper safety equipment. A few flares, life vest, along with other basic safety equipment, navigation equipment and the knowledge to use it goes a long way to prevent accidents. The cost of this could be your own life so don't be so cheap as to cut corners on safety. We can seem to find money for everything else yet when it comes to common sense safety equipment we seem to think it's to expensive. Until there are rigid rules with consequences fishermen will go on risking their lives to make a living. Education is the key to informing fishermen that it can and will someday happen to them and if they are prepared they might survive.