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Recent comments

  • Mendel
    July 27, 2011 - 13:06

    All these gizmos may be helpful, provided the power keeps running. I've heard the diesel generators run at that airport more times than I care to remember.

  • McLovin
    April 07, 2011 - 10:21

    If St. John's is in fact the foggiest airport in Canada and if it really is "one of the most challenging aviation operating environments in the world" why are we only getting this technology now? I know our aiport is nowhere near as busy as Toronto or Clagary but human life is human life. We should have been the first airport to get this technology!!

  • DON
    April 07, 2011 - 08:18

    This navigational technology is providing a false sense of security and safety. If pilots cannot see the runway they should NOT ATTEMPT TO LAND period! The airport in St. John's was built in the worst location possible. The cross winds are high, the runways require the plane to circle over Conception Bay where the updrafts from the ocean are problematic and the airport is in a fog bound heavily populated area. Instead of wasting tens of millions of dollars on upgrading the existing airport, the Government should have spent the money to build a new modern airport to the West of the City. Any pilot who relies on this technology to land a plane at St. John's airport in dense fog when the runway is not visible is asking for trouble and one day the luck will run out!

  • bill murphy
    April 07, 2011 - 08:05

    The Locheed L-1011 could land at St John's in virtually zero/zero visiability 35 years ago but it was a high maintenance airliner and did not sell well. I remember hearing it taxi up to the terminal at St John's, the nose only poked out of the fog mere feet before it stopped. David Phillips of Environment Canada claims St John's holds virually every bad weather record in Canada! Bill