Andrews holds Avalon

Dave Bartlett
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Manning sidesteps questions about Senate reappointment

For the second time in two elections, Fabian Manning failed to win over the voters of Avalon.

It was a closer race than in 2008, but incumbent Liberal MP Scott Andrews held his seat in the House of Commons.

Manning, meanwhile, said he had no regrets about giving up a seat in the Senate to run in the election.

Both Manning and Andrews thanked the electorate, and said they accept the result.

“You serve at the pleasure of the people,” Andrews said. “This is truly a grassroots movement that I’ve been feeling over the last five weeks. We held our vote, we did a little better than last time, which makes me feel that I’ve done a good job here in Avalon.”

Conservative supporters gathered at a bar on the Salmonier Line, while Andrews’ people congregated at the Legion in Conception Bay South.

Each group of supporters huddled quietly around a TV to watch the results.

The race remained close throughout the evening, with Manning taking an early 400-vote lead, sustained over a number of polls.

Andrews’ supporters were anxious until a shift in momentum seemed to slowly trim Manning’s lead, eventually ending with an 1,100-vote victory for Andrews.

Speaking to reporters after his concession speech, Manning acknowledged that former premier Danny Williams’ Anything But Conservative campaign still played a role in his defeat.

Williams’ vocal attacks on Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008 — saying he could not be trusted — stuck with voters.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that part of that still lingers out in the general populace,” Manning said. “We ran into that during the campaign. We didn't run into it as much as we did during the last campaign.”

“This is truly a grassroots movement that I’ve been feeling over the last five weeks. We held our vote, we did a little better than last time, which makes me feel that I’ve done a good job here in Avalon.” Scott Andrews

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At the beginning of the election, Manning wouldn’t say whether he would accept another appointment to the Senate if defeated.

When asked by reporters Monday night, Manning still wouldn’t say.

“I just lost an election campaign. I have other opportunities that are available to me,” he said. “We’ll see what happens, but I have a tendency to land on my feet, and I don’t see a problem in doing that again.”

Manning arrived late to his election night party, after spending the evening beside his mother’s hospital bed.

She has had health problems for some time and took a turn for the worse in the evening.

“Politics is politics, but family is family, and you know, nothing comes before that,” Manning said.

Andrews also asked his supporters to keep Manning and his mother in their prayers.

In his concession speech, Manning also gave a nod to the voters, and congratulated Andrews on winning.

“To all of the people who voted for me in the riding of Avalon, I certainly, as many of you, would have liked to have a different result tonight,” Manning said. “But the fact is we live in a great country, we live in a great province. A new government will be elected across the country tonight and no blood has been spilled. We have a great democratic society that we live in and I think we need to treasure it each and every day.”

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Recent comments

  • suzy pc
    May 03, 2011 - 14:31

    i was thrilled with the results from nl. it shows those politiciand that they cant go bouncing out of nl and back again any time they choose and especially one so cocky as to give up a cushy senate seat expecting to come back to nl, jump in the ring and win a total knock out. with regard to nl getting anything from ottawa, you dont miss what you never had and that is what we have gotten the last number of years is nothing. maybe the other parties can find leaders that can get rid of harper because lack og good party leaders is the only reason he is still there. congrats to all of the winners.

  • Joe
    May 03, 2011 - 12:50

    Well heres something for all you Liberal Avalonians, you voted for Scott Andrews and you got him, but now you have to remember this time he is not even the official opposition, he doesn't have Coady or Todd Russell to support him with the NL issues. As for getting somewhere in the Avalon region, remember if you get your arena in the Carbonear area, it will come from the Conservatives not the Liberals as you voted for... all you had to do was put your pride aside and vote for a challenger who will go to the bitter end to get things done in Avalon... right now I hope you get what you asked for and mostly voted for....NOTHING As for Manning, a real man to get up there and congratulate Andews especially when his mother needed him most, just goes to show how loyal he is to the people and supporters, he considered all his constituents his family and treated them the same way... Andrews better step up his game playing and show the people of Avalon what they got..... and remember there is a first time for everything....

    • Brad
      May 05, 2011 - 10:09

      Oh yes Manning is so loyal, just like when he stood up next to Harper and smailed and clapped like an excited school girl as Harper took back more promises made to us. The only way to get anything out of a control freak like Harper is to not give him his own way. The likes of Manning and Sullivan have shown their true colors and they aren't in it for you and me, it is all about their own accomplishments.

  • gord goodwin
    May 03, 2011 - 11:06

    scott andrews will do nothing for the avalon. look what party won.nothing from ottawa again . thanks abc

  • danny
    May 03, 2011 - 09:43

    everywhere else in canada voted in harper or layton....this avalon riding is always on the wrong side...scott andrews and the liberal party have been pretty much wiped out...anyway the voters get their decision....i think they should of went with the green party over andrews and liberals that dont exist anymore

    • Avalonian
      May 03, 2011 - 10:31

      Danny, I wish it was that simple. If so, NDP would have had my vote... but in my Avalon riding 1 vote for NDP = 1 vote for Manning... we had to vote strategically. Andrews is probably the luckiest politician alive... he's gotten my vote twice because he has been the only alternative to Manning. He hasn't yet earned it... but he'll have to very soon.

  • Avalonian
    May 03, 2011 - 08:28

    Congratulations Scott. I've voted for you twice to keep Manning out. Now its time for you to prove your worth. Be a strong constituent man and represent us in your votes and you won't have to suffer the same wrath as Manning.

  • RR
    May 03, 2011 - 08:13

    Congrats Scottie !!! Hopefully that's the last we see of Manning representing Harper at funding announcements. I am sure Harper will take care of him. Hide him somewhere.

  • Bill
    May 03, 2011 - 07:57

    Congratulations to Mr. Andrews on his win last night. Hopefully we will have seen the last of Fabian Manning on the political scene. And remember, he quit the senate to run for the people; surely he would not accept a return appointment to the Senate! The people of NL did the correct thing by saying no to Manning, Sullivan. Taylor and Ottenheimer. And Dunderdale made a serious error in judgement in endorsing Harper and supporting these Tory has beens as candidates. Thank goodness this upcoming provincial election will be a closer race as a result of her hasty decision.