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  • R.S.
    May 03, 2011 - 14:22

    I agree with David. Most politicians and those running for office have the decency to say something gracious, or poignant or even respectful when they lose. Politicians, after all, are artists at putting a spin on even the worst news. Funny, how Taylor was too lazy to do that. His snarky half-insult to Byrne's mediocre political sytel, and to the electorate (for lapping up Byrne's mediocre political style) is also a half-insult to himself: despite having to deal with mediocrity, Taylor was still woefully defeated. Funny how he failed to mention that his track record as a provincial politician falls short of the limelight. Too many disgruntled people in his own provincial disctrict from (a) fisheries decisions that left many a fisherperson without adequate work, (b) bowing out of politics just months before the air ambulance fiasco, and (c) telling his electorate less than 2 years ago that he was quitting politics, and that he would not run federally smacks me now as a very mercenary move. Funny, how your own political baggage did not bring you down to earth...only Byrne's mediocre political campaign, and the mediocre electorate who ate it all up. I would normally say better luck next time....except I hope there is not political 'next time'. And this is from someone who did not vote for Byrne.

  • David
    May 03, 2011 - 09:12

    Trevor Taylor: with such a petty, classless comment in defeat, you have added even more confirmation to the majority's voting wisdom...thank you for that.