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  • Abdul Saieed
    May 05, 2011 - 07:32

    Blood lust aside, if he was unarmed, why was he not arrested and tried in a court of law? It was done for Saddam, it likely would have been done for Hitler, so why was Osama shot, in contravention to international law?

  • nasty nate
    May 04, 2011 - 15:47

    Guess we will might be hearing from OBL again soon then, or they offered him a sweet retirement deal in the South Pacific. If it was ok for Obama and Hillary to watch it live, a simple still image is good enough for the rest of us peasants.

  • Jeremiah
    May 04, 2011 - 15:13

    Well done Mr. President. Good decision. "If you can keep your head when all about you is losing theirs and blaming it on you..."

    • Jack
      May 05, 2011 - 06:41

      Jeremiah, I don't think Barack Obama made a good decision in not releasing the photos of Osama bin Laden's death for two reasons. The first reason, he opens himself to more criticism from jealous Republicans like Donald Trump or Jesse "The Body" Ventura (Wrestler turned Politician). The second reason, not releasing the photos create perceptions that Barack Obama might be lying to the American people, especially 9/11 victims. General public wants proof of his death. Remember the old saying, evidence President Obama, evidence. Without the evidence, the public thinks he's lying.