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Recent comments

  • john
    June 15, 2011 - 14:09

    Everytime a story comes out like this, the animal rights groups get all kinds of donations and live quite happy sailing all over the world, but in reality they don't care either, just using us to get rich.

  • Cory
    June 15, 2011 - 11:31

    My toughts as well! Do we see pictures at slaughter houses like this! We eat chicken and beef all the time. We really do ourselves in.

  • Political Watcher
    June 15, 2011 - 11:08

    Thank you Telegram, I am sure photos ike the one you choose here is a key reason for the outcry towards the hunt.

  • Randy
    June 15, 2011 - 11:07

    Where are the orders for the seal meat ,from China, the harper gov said they signed? More Bull--s it .How about all those trips to europe by ambassidor Sullivan or Hedderson, Nothing more then a paid vacation ? Harper doesn't care and Dunderdale just wants a loan guarentee '

  • Jim
    June 15, 2011 - 08:28

    Nice picture I'm sure the anti sealers are delited.

  • mainlander
    June 15, 2011 - 08:03

    Will Elizabeth May and these animal rights wingnuts please tell those of us who suppoer the hunt how a population of millions of seals can be sustained? They will destroy everything out there. Last time I checked, they aren't vegetarians. What are all of them going to eat to survive? McDonald's? Having them starve to death is more humane than shooting them I guess.

  • Rob Thomas
    June 15, 2011 - 07:41

    That's just the boom bust cycle of the industry. The boom period has passed and now the bust will be here for a few more years but it always comes back around.