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  • Stupidity at it's finest
    August 04, 2011 - 09:11

    I am from the Long Harbour area and Vale Inco always makes promises they cannot keep. Starting with the promise of Jobs to first residents of the area to now the promise of sandy pond fishies that will not be harmed. It's ludicris that they are even able to get the land. Sandy Pond is a wonderful area and used to be surrounded by cabins, because of "Godzilla" inco. these cabin owners needed to tare down there prized cabins, and believe me some of them were quite beautiful. They owned there land but were forced to relocate. It's unfortunate that the NL government can be bought out... this one will surely come back to bite them in the butt.

  • Christine Baldwin
    August 02, 2011 - 22:48

    Poor Vision!! We cannot see the forest for the trees. In the name of progress we will sell our heirs' rights to the highest bidder!!??? The devil went down to "Sandy Pond", he was looking for a soul to steal He was in a bind 'cos he was way behind: he was willin' to make a deal. We donot want to be a province that is begging the US of A et al for water, fuel etc that is soooo in abundance right now!!

  • William Daniels
    August 02, 2011 - 18:57

    Disgusting. This was one of Danny's tweaks to the deal that someone could drive a mac truck through. Not to forget Charlene Johnson sold NL down the river/pond as well. Johnson would have let Vale put this stuff in her backyard.

  • Terry Cooper
    August 02, 2011 - 16:43

    I have fished in Sandy Pond , a beautiful area that was intoduced to me a few years ago by a gentleman who had enjoyed the fishing there himself for many years with his family . Sadly he is no longer living and I'm glad that he can't see what is happening to that wonderful area . It is one of the deepest ponds that I have ever fished with some of the largest trout to be sure . Are we still so desperate here in our province for a few jobs that we are willing to sacrifice our future and ou childrens future by letting these large companies come in to do whatever they want . Some lessons should have been learned from the past . The Americans left Argentia in a mess , Erco left their site toxic for us to deal with and for sure when Vale is finished making money here we will be left with another toxic mess and we will have look in the mirror once again and blame the only ones truly responsible !!!

  • Bob
    August 02, 2011 - 15:51

    Get this straight now b'ys. One time Environment Minister Charlene Johnson, cleverly disguised as a responsible adult and the mistress of all things to be screwed up, justified the Sandy Pond demise like this; "A good balance between sustainable environmental protection and economic developement". A classic like another minister clown Kevin O'Brien's "fairity". Honk! if anything else falls off.

  • John
    August 02, 2011 - 12:35

    If I were to go and throw some sort of polution into the pond, the government would have me in court as quick as greased lightning. Yet they allow a multi-national company that MAKES BILLIONS of dollars a year to "save" money by ruining all life in the pond. Do they guesstamate how many of these fish will actually survive? How will they know that all the fish will be caught even if they use nets or traps. The smelt, being similiar in size to a caplin, the net will require a very small mesh and it will be almost certain that not all fish will be caught. Maybe they should be forced to use 1 net for trout and another for the smelt and drain the pond in order to ensure they capture the majority of the fish.

    August 02, 2011 - 10:50

    There is already such a shortage of freshwater left on this planet. Why destroy the bit that we have for the sake of money? This is devastating. If only more could be done out of sincere concern for our natural resources instead of companies like this being able to win the battle by throwing money on the table.

  • Brad
    August 02, 2011 - 09:33

    Sandy Pond drains into the ocean, that's how the smelt got there. Vale can afford to spend tens of millions on legal fees as they have saved hundreds of millions by not having to build proper containment for their poison. The sandy Pond Alliance will lose this fight as they don't have the deep pockets like Vale and we all know it is all about who has the most money wins. I am form there and I have never heard about anyone bringing smelt to Sandy Pond, what a load of B.S. It just goes to show the scope of lies that this company is willing to tell to get its subsidy of a free dumping receptacle that is well hidden from the public eye. People have learned nothing since the days of Erco, they have a mess over there now buried under some grass and can't be cleaned up, and now they are creating another mess over the hill that will be even worse. Insanity.

  • Can't Believe it
    August 02, 2011 - 09:19

    Fresh water is one of 2 necessities of life. The other being oxygen. Scholars have predicted that fresh water (or lack thereof) will be the end of the planet. It is a finite resource, and we are removing one from our province for the sake of a companies profit margin.

  • Michael
    August 02, 2011 - 08:52

    Years from now, our children's generation will lament our decision to allow this destruction of Sandy Pond. Sadly, it looks like money will win this fight. Who has the most money for the legal/court challenges? Vale of course. SHAME on your gov't of NL. Polluting a fresh water resource is a huge mistake.