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  • Susan
    August 04, 2011 - 11:58

    The issue with an intimate concert in a small venue is that there while it was undoubtably "really special for the people there" It takes away from people like myself - who were unsuccessful - despite doing everything possible to get a ticket from the second the tickets went on sale 'til after the show started". It's not like we can get to travel elsewhere to take in the show (although I think this combo has feet & will be around a long time)" So, many people with a special connection who really wanted to be there - I think mainly because they are so proud of what Russell Crowe does for this province (through publicity & expressing his love for it) were shut out - as well as those who are huge fans of each of the performers as actors or musicians & those who support the arts & attend pretty well everything at the Hall & young aspiring actors & musicians, to whom the show would have made a world of difference, people who have played the hall, etc. So - there were a small number of those who had tickets & those who didn't. In all of this, I certainly hope Chris Brookes was offered a ticket because he & some others are the reason for the hall's existance. This would still be the issue to some extent regardless of the venue - but many more of the people who really, really wanted to see the show would have had a chance. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that a single person on that stage would have wanted to see so many people who really really wanted to get a ticket unable to do so. A venue like Molsum Canadian Club at Mile One is amazingly intimate & Holy Heart is intimate too (& could have also used the cash infusion to fix up their seats) & how altruistic would that have been for a partnership between a smaller & a larger venue - for the benefit of both & what a tribute that would have been to the promoter to do that for the greater benefit. I look at the Hall as a cultural institution - & that those involved with it are like caretakers of this amazing institution - that so many of us have supported over the years. (& I still encourage those who haven't been to a show there to do so - it's a wonderful experience). The reason I wanted to be there was just as Russell Crowe said I just wanted to see exactkly what the concert was delivering "the group of friends being their own band and keeping the songs on that level." - to keep it real & not be a big production - that's what many of us are like here - real & straightforward & respectful & appreciative. Even though I still have not managed to get a ticket, even if i had, I would have been very happy - seeing the show(s) or even tonight's show moved to Holy Heart or elsewhere - for the greater good of all. The sound at Holy Heart is often quite good - it was the only venue Leonard Cohen wanted when he played here - because of it's intimacy. While I would love this combo of people to play here again, (& I would gladly buy a ticket to a show where any of them were playing), I realize that this may be the only time that that show is here in NL. You have to understand that for many, many years, we got very few shows from visiting artists here & there was even a time when there was not much local live music here & we are very appreciative of music & of those who come to our shores to play. For all the people who performed, enjoy St. John's (& all of Newfoundland - it is truly amazing) - the people, the culture, how we do things - bask in it all. & nothing wrong with Alan Doyle inviting people here every year & having a big time - maybe the week after the folk festival would be good & a lot of good could come from this & isn't that what life is all about.

  • abreathoffreshair
    August 03, 2011 - 16:11

    Russel Crow is a great actor and talented musician. I hope he and his family are having a nice visit regardless of the weather. He and Alan look like they could be be brothers in that picture.

  • Abbey
    August 03, 2011 - 14:14

    Crowe, Doyle, and Hawco are tremendous actors / musicians individually. Put them together in any venue and they are truly AWESOME. Here's hoping they can do many more projects together in the future.

  • Jeremiah
    August 03, 2011 - 08:31

    Great publicity for NL.

    • Cindy
      August 03, 2011 - 21:35

      Good interview.

    • Margaret
      August 03, 2011 - 22:14

      OH my! I'm soooo proud of this little province of ours! For such a sparsely populated piece of property, we sure do have an abundance of special talents! Although, I have to admit... it's gets confusing with two Doyle's.. and two Allan's!!! LOL! I'd wish you good luck, boys... but obviously, you don't need luck! Your talents speak for themselves!