Protesters greet Dunderdale in Burin

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Fisheries Minister Clyde Jackman and Premier Kathy Dunderdale speak to Fish, Food and Allied Workers union official Allan Moulton at a protest in Burin today. The protest was over the idle fish plant in Marystown. - Photo by Barb Sweet/The Telegram

A loud group of protesters shouting "We want jobs" greeted Premier Kathy Dunderdale at Burin today.

They are upset redfish is being shipped out under an exemption given OCI in Marystown while workers haven't been called back to work.

Dunderdale told Fish, Food and Allied Workers’ union (FFAW) officials and workers at the protest that government won't subsidize the plant and won't meet before the election. She also said the union agreed to the exemption.

The fish plant isn't operating and neither is the Marystown Shipyard.

People in the district are angry at Fisheries Minister Clyde Jackman over the issue.

Geographic location: Burin, Marystown

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Recent comments

  • stephen
    October 02, 2011 - 15:38

    jobs,what jobs? 10 weeks then on the dole.Do like many other Nflders and go to Alberta or Yellowknife or Ontario and work.This is what makes Nflders look bad, is this pre moritorum 1970s "work fer me stamps bye" mentality.Suck it up and go where the work is,I had to.

  • roy
    October 02, 2011 - 12:51

    I agree with Cathy Dunderdale in this reguard, you can go around promising things you can,t fulfill. The audit should show where the problem is, if the fish plant can,t make a profit for the owners then it should be turned over to the workers or the union and see if they can make a go of it. They seem to think that the owners are giving false information. Let them have a go at it with their own money.

  • Bill
    October 02, 2011 - 08:20

    The Burin Peninsula has been represented by 2 Cabinet Ministers for the past number of years. If the Conservative Government was as good as it touts itself surely there would be more signs of optimism in the Marystown area. Conservative policies for either the Fishery or Business and Industrial Development have performed poorly for these people.

  • Hank
    October 01, 2011 - 19:55

    It is time to give the fishery back to the fishermen and the small fishing towns all around this island that was settled,and depended on the fishery for their future

    • Agree
      October 03, 2011 - 12:02

      I agree, if the fishermen think they can do better then let them have a go. It's time to do away with all the stupid regulations that holding the industry back from it's natural development. Let efficient plants operate and inefficient ones fold. And get rid of the massive government transfers that has been propping up the industry for the last few decades.