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  • leah
    October 07, 2011 - 13:04

    Without your health you are nothing Without financial support you have nothing Its about time goverment STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS and put it into health care and more jobs with discent money-and give back to the people-(the lower and middle class people)--cut gas taxes and heating taxes-for gods sake do something Kathy Dunderdale

  • Sarah
    October 07, 2011 - 12:29

    Midwifery should be included in this discussion of health care. If the province had had midwives in place, Carbonear may not have lost its obstetricians. They have to send all labouring women to overworked St. John's hospitals now. Get midwives now! Keep birth in the community! Midwives are cheaper and often their patients are discharged earlier from hospital, which saves on healthcare costs.

  • Jean
    October 07, 2011 - 11:24

    The poll speaks of people's incomes...it doesn't matter how much you make...one vote is as good as the other....And at this rate...the lower income people have more of a say percentage wise....

  • Bill
    October 07, 2011 - 07:25

    The Conservatives put up a huge smoke screen around Muskrat Falls which took up most of the media attention for many months. Now that they are finally talking to the common man they are hearing that Health Care is trumping all of the lofty ideas that Nl should become that large energy warehouse. Listen to the common man, the poor, the seniors and the pensioners as they have you figured out and we expect action on our issues.