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  • Cyril Rogers
    October 08, 2011 - 11:55

    I wish Ms. Dunderdale all the best in her personal life but politically she has shown aqnything but the kind of leadership this province needs. Her platform is a reflection of failing PC policiies that are reactive rahter than proactive. Whenever there is a problem, let's throw some more money at it --that has been the PC way since Danny ascended to power. He was in trouble during the first couple of years because the money was not there---just as it was never there for any of his predecessors.And it might have caused a big drop in his popularity had Voisey's Bay---the Liberal Mack truck that delivered lots of revenue to him--and then oil prices not gone through the roof. Anybody can succeed when they have lots of money to throw around and throw it around they did. Now, Ms dunderdale is facing a heavy annual expenditure caused by too much excess spending by Danny and company. I know they have ample dollars coming in to pay for their excesses right now but, five to ten years out, we will have a structural deficit that will become someone else's problem. Ms Dunderdale has no plan to deal with this and no plan to do anything other than spend, spend, spend. Ironically, history has shown that these conservative types have run up the deficit in almost every situation----the Republicans in the US, Mulrooney here in Canada, and so on. I guess perception is reality to most of us! Now, let's add the 7 to 8 billion Muskrat Falls will cost onto our current debt and we will have a 16 to 18 billion dollar deficit before we know it. That is over 30,000 for every person in this province.