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  • hopes-truth
    February 18, 2012 - 10:21

    Wow! addict a nation to the most addictive and potent form of Heroin around, I was on it for 3 years and when I quit because I knew it was effecting my mind, I became very withdrawn and stubborn. Going off of it alone while having a divorce after 30 years together.. well I ended up in Mental Health several times, I went off cold turkey and lived on 3 hours sleep every third day for months.. sleepless, grieving and in agony from my pain.. . its been 2+ years now and I am healing and have learned to keep my pain minimised by suffering without much physical activity.. or fun... or work.. or life.. lol.. I was truly in a state of dementia for months.. I fear for any one who might have to suffer what I did. The callous nature of Mental Health was sickening. Personally I think its a double edge sword and whether you crush them, free base them, inject.. whatever.. just taking them as prescribed are equally ADDICTIVE! and extremely painful to quit if you've been on them for a good while. I feel your pain if you get denied! The word withdrawal was never heard from any of my Doctors.. they don't think about it.

  • Steve
    February 18, 2012 - 04:54

    I would just like to say that if you are a legit chronic pain sufferer then there will be a medication prescribed that will do tue same as before. There is no way the patients would be made to suffer needlessly by our government as they know that a very serious class-action lawsuit would happen if chronic pain sufferers were not given there medications. If you are using a oxycontin type medication then we all will continue to recieve a very similar type of opiate for chronic pain. There is no way the pharma companies are going to stop producing oxy as it is a major money maker for them. If you are a legit patient that has been on it for a long time then you will be taken care of im very sure. If not then I will be the first to start the lawsuit!!! The problem is with the abusers who just want to get high and they will suffer the real pain. Be at ease, we will be ok. :,)

  • Adam
    February 17, 2012 - 20:58

    It took me so long to finally find doctors who actully listened to me and saved my life by taking a 7 pound tumor out of my body, i realize alot of people abuse these drugs but they are just going to resort to herion or other drugs and in higher amounts... they have to come up with a better stratgy because like the prevous stated the only people who are truly going to suffer are the ones who have already been suffering for almost there whole life... this is so depressing 1 bad bunch sinks the whole bloody ship....

  • v.dube
    February 14, 2012 - 08:12

    i would like to add to this , and let it be known to the makers of this new drug , i hope they read this ,the peaple who have ben on this oxycontin drug have faut long and hard to get to the right dosage to be comfertable with managing there cronic pain , and now they have to start all over again at the root of there managment , this is going to couse an epademic in crim and deaths , you see when the same pain managment areint being met theres gonna be , ok ill take another one and then another one and depending on the person taking the new drug oxyneo ,not knowing how it will react to there sestem alot of peaple will overdose on these new drugs becouse there isent enough history to be given to the public,i believe that all the drug store are going to have a police officer or some typ of security , this is going to couse alot of problem,s with drug stores ,they just dont know how to deal with this street problem and they just made it werse ,the only thing that they had to do was to take all the peaple with lajetamit proof of injury like = m r i,s and sound paper work on there injury , and only allow a minamim of 4 pill,s a day becouse they are really a 12 hr rellaes ,the problem also is the dr,s who give them out like candy , this is the problem and they dont monitor there paisants properly ,becouse no matter how bad your pain is this oxycontin drug doe,s work and very good ,and if the person takeing this drug does not get releaf on a 20 mlg 4 time,s a day then they should get the next higher doe,s like 40 or 60 or 80 mlg but a limit of only 4 a day, becouse if they need this drug 4 a day of any mlg is and will take care of the pain and mobility of the person taking it , if it doe,notthen the person should take mean,s in there life stile to adjust ,this is what the limit of the oxycontin should be, i know this first hand becouse i have seven disk,s damaged and i feel the same with 4 pill,s a day then with 8 or 10 pill,s a day , and everyone can make ajustment in there tallerance to pain , and by doing this limit to 4 pill,s a day doesent leave any room to sell them on the street , i mean also that if a person getting 4 pill,s a day can get on a piddel bike and ride around town should not be getting these drug,s ,i think we can all figgar out from this that , its the dr,s missleading this drug and dont know enough first hand on pain managment ,not ive seen peaple walk into there dr office with a limp and a cain and as soon as they get the drug from the drug store they get on a piddel bike and ride across the city like they dont even need em or without even taking one pill , this is the problem . the dr,s point blank pain managment .

  • strife
    December 09, 2011 - 17:31

    This is total BS. Deb Mathews, the Ontario Minister of Health, who btw has absolutely no medical background or experience, is most likely behind this. Obviously Purdue has been pressured by someone as there is no way they would do this on their own. It's already been shown that the new formulation that has been available in the US for a while now doesn't treat pain as well. Although the same drug, Oxycontin, is involved there appears to be some issue with the reformulation that is most likely due to the polymer that has been bonded to the medication that causes the new drug to be less effective at treating chronic pain. @Sure Buddy, you obviously do not suffer from chronic debilitating pain as some of us do or you wouldn't have made that callous post. Do some research and you will find that the issue I described is widely talked about. Not to mention that in the states they are using BPA as the agent to bond with the drug. Thankfully BPA is banned in Canada but who know what Purdue is using here if they are willing to use a toxic agent in the USA.

  • always IN PAIN
    November 09, 2011 - 16:23

    What about we the People THAT R in PAIN 24/7?-WE R the People that this New OxyContin that is going to be MADE WE R the PEOPLE this is going to HURT when R Pain gets out of control., We get No Help they R the Big Company., we R the Little People Our CRY for HELP does not seam to Matter to the Big Company that is PURDUE PHARM., We need to start a pettion to PURDUE our Voice needs to count

    • Sure Buddy
      November 19, 2011 - 10:25

      Well, either you didn't comprehend the article or you are not using the drug for pain as you suggest. My guess is both.