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  • Fogarty
    November 29, 2011 - 11:02

    Why, of all the stupid ideas in all the world, would chickens EVER eat seals?! This would absolutely never happen if it weren't for a few insane humans. Why would we ever think this is a good idea? Just feed chickens their natural food, don't pump them full of hormones and for god's sake please stop subsidizing the sealing industry with these ludicrous schemes with Canadian taxpayers money when there is absolutely no market for any of the products and there never will be. Take that buyout David mentioned now, sealers, cause you will never see the chance to make money from sealing again. That's the only subsidy to the sealing industry I support. Quit fantasizing about China and Hollywood--sealing industry is dead in the water.

  • Dwayne Cull
    November 26, 2011 - 13:53

    They won't hear of anything related to baby seals but the same people will wolf down 18 day old chickens and figure thats just fine.......??? Oh jeszz I forgot...baby chickens aint' cute......

  • David
    November 26, 2011 - 13:53

    Here's how it will play out: Seal hunt will be abolished at some point, sealers receive some sort of onetime payout from the feds (which, of course, precipitates a multi-year argument and lawsuit about who qualifies for the loot) . Slowly, the medical proporties of seal oil become hugely popular if not mythical, and China (the new economic superpower of the globe) begins manufacturing "sustainable, seal-farm" pills (yeah, sure!) back to us all. Years later, word gets out that the ones buying it in a big way, to preserve the beauty of their smooth skin? That same, outraged Hollywood crowd that loved seals. Full circle, with Newfoundland outside looking in.....(for $12 a ticket, just to rub salt in it!)