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  • WTF
    December 05, 2011 - 07:23

    For years, decades even, we've heard over and over again that the fishery needs to rationalize. Fewer boats, fewer plants fewer businesses. The union, government and processors all recognize this but as soon as one is closed, up she goes. No wonder the fishery is so screwed up, everyone knows what needs to be done but they choose to stick their heads in the sand when it comes time to do it.

  • Chris
    December 04, 2011 - 12:23

    To Darren: So are you saying that the government should keep pumping 100's and 100's of millions of dollars into an industry where greed exists all around? I for one would have excepted 18 weeks work and sit comfortably on my assets collecting EI for 34 weeks! The only way the fishery will ever be able to rebuild itself is WHEN THE PEOPLE OF NEWFOUNDLAND stop using the industry as STAMP WORK!

  • Mark
    December 04, 2011 - 07:10

    How do you justify leaving a business that has lost $10, 000, 000 over the past 3 years open?

  • Joe
    December 03, 2011 - 16:34

    I agree with Jermiah...no unprocessed fish should be going out of NL. When the Voisey's Bay nickel development was underway the cries from Danny were not an ounce of ore was to leave without the promise of refining the ore here. Where are such demands with the fishery? No where to be seen. 18 weeks work is nothing anymore. Newfoundlanders want more. Where is the talk of adjacency ? Nowhere as the fishery means nothing since the oil is coming in. Kathy should be ashamed of herself as the fishery is a second class job in the minds of government and they are quite prepared to look after the Northeast Avalon while the rest of the province goes to hell in a hand basket. Any quota that was assigned to those plants should be immediately revoked. Also, OCI never met the employment criteria when it took the plant over. Where is the penalty money that was supposed to be paid. This stinks left right and center and the government should step in make sure the penalty for lack of employment at the plant is paid and to take the quota that OCI had because of these two plant away. You might see all sides a new movement on both sides if all parties had something to lose. Right now the government should be concerned that a company wants to ship an unfinished product out of NL rather than the union rejecting an offer that still sees wages the same or lower than 7 years ago.

    • Er yeah
      December 05, 2011 - 11:40

      The difference between Voisey's Bay and the fishery is the difference between land and water. The mine is a provincial jurisdiction while the fishery is a Federal jurisdiction. Not much point in demanding something from provincial politicians that they have no control over.

  • Darren
    December 03, 2011 - 09:09

    Mr. King and Mr. Jackman.....we are so fortunate to have you both representing us. Yeah right, if you guys were half as good as you say you are, we wouldn't be in this mess. Thanks a lot boys!

  • Jeremiah
    December 03, 2011 - 08:16

    Not one unprocessed fish of any species should be shipped out of NL. That would be a step backward to the old merchant days which I am sure is what the Sullivans have in mind. The Govt should be firm on this. LEAVE THE GD FISH IN THE WATER!