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  • katrina murrin
    December 06, 2011 - 23:47

    Hi, my name is Trina and I have a little girl named Emma, she is 7 years old and has been having seizures since she was 10 months old. Emma would have seizures that would last for hours and she would stop breathing on alot of them too. We have almost lost her on three occasions when she has gone into a seizure and could not come out of it, the doctors worked on her for a very long time and they brought her back each time thank god.Emmas has had to be put into a coma and had to be parrilized in order to get the breathing tube down her throat to help her breath because she was gone into a seizure that she was not coming out of, finally the next day she came out of that one but it took her a long time to get back to her fun loving little self. These seizure went on right up until february 2011. Emma is on a drug called Depucaine and it has been the only one that has help her seizures get under control, so if this is one of the drugs that is going to be a shortage of I don't know what will happen to Emma cause she has been on almost every drug out there and nothing has worked. Thank you Katrina Murrin mother of Emma Murrin