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  • Seamus
    December 22, 2011 - 11:04

    Couldn't agree with you more redrantingtory. And might I add that at 50+ years like the majority of these workers are, if they had to see the writing on the wall during the moratorium and changed there lives when they were in there early 30's which still gives you almost 35 years of work elsewhere if you retire at 65? What drives me nuts about this, is that these so-called "resourceful" people in the outports have never bothered to try anything to save there own towns instead of crying out for Government assistance. Then they complain that all the tax money goes to St. John's when if you look at the figures more money is contributed per person to the outports then anywhere else in the province.

  • redrantingtory
    December 22, 2011 - 09:31

    Stead says he's worked at the fishplant since 1980, giving him 31 years seniority and experinece. Up to 1992, the start of the Cod Moratorium he worked full time and that would give him 12 years full employment. Since that the work as been seasonal. So say 20 weeks work per year since, at 19 years would give him 380 weeks or 7.3 years work. Out of the 31 years work experience he actually as 19 years with the rest being laid off. I say this because these fishplants have been stamp generators since 1992. Barely keeping people going with enough work to qualify for EI. All the other people claiming 30 to 40 years working on the plant the same numbers apply. This is not to degrade anyone but to show how this system as been working since the cod failure. There as been talk since 1992 of downsizing the fishery but everyone kept on as if all was normal. They have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for years trying to get enough work to qialify for EI. Now these plants are closing the hard way, through ecomomics. Say what you like, the day of every town having it's own stamp generator is gone and there will be regional plants that provide more work for longer periods all be it with less people. Which was what the moratorium was supposed to help do. These plants operating for 12 or 14 weeks a year are just not viable and never were. They were there to keep peoples false hopes alive. You had to see the writing on the wall. Many saw it and got out. They are the lucky ones today.