New parole conditions for McGrath

Andrew Robinson
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Parole board lifts repeat sexual offender’s suspension

Repeat sexual offender Joseph Frederick McGrath will live under new conditions for his parole based on a recent decision made by the National Parole Board. — Telegram file photo

The National Parole Board has lifted its suspension on parolee and repeat sexual offender Joseph Frederick McGrath, but he will have to adhere to new conditions.

McGrath, who has been supported by Stella Burry Community Services in St. John’s since his release from prison in July 2010, will have his residency condition to live in a halfway house extended by 180 days based on the decision of the National Parole Board, made Dec. 22.

He is prohibited from being in, near or around places where children under the age of 18 are likely to gather, unless accompanied by an adult approved by his parole supervisor.

McGrath also cannot access pornography.

A prior condition regarding computer and Internet access has been replaced with one prohibiting him from using or possessing a computer or any technological device that would allow McGrath to have unsupervised Internet access.

The suspension was the second for McGrath.

According to a certified copy of the board’s decision obtained by The Telegram, McGrath was observed using a cellular device to access an Internet signal.

When asked at the time by a Correctional Service of Canada staff member what he was doing, McGrath denied he was trying to access the Internet and said he was repairing the device for a fellow halfway house resident.

The board’s decision said he failed to take responsibility for his actions leading up to the suspension or to acknowledge the seriousness of his behaviour.

“It is concerning to the board that you failed to recognize the high risk situation you place yourself in when you elected to access the Internet,” said the board.

“The nature of your offences dictates that extreme caution must be exercised in your case in order for you to not return to your crime cycle. You have a history of accessing child pornography which serves to fuel your fantasies and contributes to your sexual offences against children.”

McGrath has been previously convicted of accessing and possessing child pornography, sexual assault, break and enter, and theft.

His last conviction came in August 2009 after a Correctional Service of Canada worker found child pornography on McGrath’s computer at the Stella Burry residence. He was on parole at the time.

That December, McGrath received a four-year sentence, but double-credit for time served left him with one year to serve.

The parole board’s decision said McGrath presents a high risk to reoffend, but added he has “functioned well” when offered community support services, with the exception of his two suspensions.

Leave privileges for weekends will not be granted while he stays in a halfway house. He lives under a long-term supervision order set to expire Dec. 21, 2020.

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Organizations: National Parole Board, Stella Burry Community Services, Correctional Service of Canada The Telegram

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Recent comments

  • Shea Heights
    December 30, 2011 - 00:32

    Whoever decides to touch children should NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED around children ever again.They know its wrong but still chooses to molest kids.I know of a popular sports center in st.johns where a convicted molester works, where there is always children.... makes me sick!!

  • owen
    December 29, 2011 - 22:52

    ...what a joke. I'd get a more severe punishment for poaching a moose to feed my family.....we should bring back the gallows in my opinion....

  • Ourbadjusticesystem
    December 29, 2011 - 22:33

    Our justice system is too lax on real criminals. Too much money is spent putting away the 'Robinhoods' (those committing monetary crimes) so the real criminals can roam the streets. Too much value has been placed on money and not enough on safety. It's a sad state of affairs when sexual offenders even have the freedom of a halfway house.

  • KENK
    December 29, 2011 - 18:09

    I can't believe what I'm reading. I saw Mr. McGrath on the news this evening and in my untrained opinion I can see that this man has severe mental issues. I don't think that there's a pill to cure his problem. What really confuses me is that if anyone is caught catching a salmon without a licence, wildlife officers have the authority to take your fishing pole, your boat, your car and slap a heavy fine on you. But a man can sexually assault our young innocent daughters and ruin their lives forever and he gets second chances and get double credit for time served? It is a sad world that we live in when the life of a fish or a moose is protected more than our children. God help you Mr McGrath if you ever come near someone in my family. Then this province will see my ideal of justice.

  • Rob
    December 29, 2011 - 11:49

    Child molesters should get no second chances ever. If you ever saw the movie Law Abiding Citizen that's what should happen to all child molesters. The police do their jobs and put this scum of society away but our joke of a court system keeps letting these people out. What's the point of having laws if we let these people walk the streets. Molest a child and in my opinion it should be a life sentence. As a society we are too lenient. Gotta start making examples of these dregs and get tougher laws in this country

  • carol ann rogers
    December 29, 2011 - 08:46

    If this person is supposed to stay away from children why is he living near Bannerman Park, and Day Break iust around the corner on Barns Rd.? That seems to be a bad choice of location for him to be living. Shouldn't the John Howard Society be better suited to over see his living arrangments than Stella Burry Center? They are the organization who have assisted ex-convicts since their begining. They would be inclined to think one step ahead and avoid situations where he could access the internet. The Stella Burry center does wonderful work with persons who are mentally chalenged. Convicts particularly molisters are manipulative that's how they do what they do and get away with it for so long. The monitoring of this individual needs to be by persons skilled in handling that type of deviant personality.

  • Paul
    December 29, 2011 - 07:43

    I'm all for rehabilitation in general but when it comes to child molestors who do not seem to want to 'get with the program', we need to give priority to public safety...lock him up while he gets his rehabilitation.. however, in NL prison there is no rehab and since his sentence was reduced from 4 to 1 year he would not have gone to the mainland for his sentence... and that's another thing...double credits ? that's nonsense. one for one is as good as anyone should get...

  • WTF
    December 29, 2011 - 07:28

    Who are they kidding. We all know he will either break his parole or re-offend so what are we waiting for, bring him to a veterinarian to be "fixed".