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Recent comments

  • George
    January 01, 2012 - 01:57

    My condolences to the Basha family. If it was due to murder, Joey would've gotten killed earlier had he been in Canada as Hong Kong's murder rate is only a fraction of that of Canada's. Hong Kong's police is less corrupt and more transparent than the RCMP.

  • Darren
    December 31, 2011 - 11:09

    My heart goes out to the Basha family. It must be a heartwrenching thing to go through, especially at this time of year. I guess with foreign countries like China, we may never get the real truth. God Bless!

    • Bert Waterman
      December 31, 2011 - 13:43

      Likewise, my heart goes out to the Basha family. I was a policeman for 34 years and I would like to point out to Mrs. Basha's sister and family, that everything done on CSI does not happen in the real world. This is a TV Show full of 'imaginative ways' to solve crime, albeit some aspects are real. Police investigations aren't solved or investigated in one hour. This particular investigation depends on the ability and commitment of Chinese police, and the resources at their disposal. Having said all of that, based on what information that has been made available to the public, the death does seem suspicious.