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  • brett
    January 06, 2012 - 23:37

    Of course the suburbs don't want to join. Why should they want to share the cost of the facilities in town that they use, be it roads, a larger cost for infrastructure projects (water etc), community facilities, or even compensation jobs for the travelling worker? Put a toll for coming in and out of the city and see what happens... trucks exempted. Give every St. John's citizen a permit for parking in the city and make parking available for local citizens first, preferred parking areas and see what happens... Make the 2 hour parking on side streets 15 minutes without a St. John's pass. Exempt out of province vehicles or rental vehicles from needing the permit. A bit tongue in cheek, I don't think those things should be done, but imagine the squealing. There are ways for St. John's to get its money from the "freeloading" suburbs. If some of those methods were started, I think you'd see some more interesting action. The province has to help with this, it cannot just be equal municipalities talking because some groups are currently benefiting more than others, and they won't want to give up their advantage.

  • Gerry
    January 06, 2012 - 22:17

    I feel that there should be eventual amalgamation, but it isn't 'inevitable'. It should be voted DEMOCRATICALLY on by the city-town-village residents & not left to the whims of council, provincial or federal pol-lie-ticians...not like what happened here on various parts of the mainland...

  • Do the Right Thing
    January 06, 2012 - 16:52

    Heck, give it up. What a complete joke this amalgamation talk is! Two communities that worked hard over the years building, planning, keeping costs in check, to get where they are, just give up everything to improve another who wants more. Dennis O'Keefe seems like a very good mayor, but when he rolls back to this old Andy Wells "Master Plan" talk he really sounds like a narrow-minded puppet that did not deserve a vote. This newest report is even more ridiculous, as they do not even want all of Paradise, just the money making parts. Well what about the rest of Paradise, to heck with them I guess? Let' em starve or just scrape by? Blown away how one group would so gladly drag down another just for their own benefit. I would be ashamed to even publish that report. Not that I always agree with Mayor Wiseman either, but he is totally correct here in that they need to put their time and focus on fixing their own budget and services shortcomings vs just trying to conquor other lands as a bandaid. If not, nothing will ever get fixed. Even if they hypothetically took over a new city, the same issues will eventually bleed through and everyone will lose. They do a disservice to the people of St. John's by pushing amalgamation as the solution and skirting the real problems. Also, I am still blown away at the total cronyism and stupidity of the Prov Goverment to decide to give away parts of Mount Pearl (Southlands and the Sprung area) to St. John's in the first place. It was a decision made that totally went against the best interest of the people, just for political favors. Makes no sense for anyone there: higher taxes paid for less (and more expensive to the city) services, kids schools and sports zones all messed up. In my opinion, that decision (and the parties involved) should be reviewed by the current Prov. Governement and rolled back if deemed to be the best action. I know a poll taken a few years ago of (about 50% of) Southland residents had something like 96-98% preferring Southlands to be transfered as part of Mt Pearl. (Though the first few years there they were hung out to dry on services, but heard things have improved somewhat.) It would be interesting to see what the opinions there are now. But amalgamation is about as good of an idea as New Coke!

  • billy bob
    January 06, 2012 - 15:44

    Visiting Newfoundland is like going in a time warp. The oil companies are laughing all the time at the tax breaks they get in paradise and mount pearl. Someone needs to tell Mount pearl et all to look at the bigger picture. What a joke!!! Now I understand why poeple make fun of Newfies.

  • Edmund
    January 06, 2012 - 14:51

    Here we go again, another study when everyone, except O"Keefe, seems to know the results. How much of the taxpayers money did O'Keefe waste on this study? How many more times are they going to beat this matter around and around. Totally unnecessary given that Amalgamation is a pipe dream and the sooner that O'Keefe and others dismiss this thought process the better. All three will have CITY status very soon and you can add CBS in the near future. It is about time O'Keefe woke up and listen to what others are saying instead of wanting to hear himself blabber all over the news about a dead end wish list for St. John's. He also might consider to start doing what he is paid to do - manage St. John's - that's a big enough plate (most think too big) for him to worry about. Oh yeah, by the way, I saw last night on the news that he has no problem with the occupy NL group at Harbour Side Park. I wonder what his opinion will be come the summer when the cruise ships start arriving. Go do your job O"Keefe and get them out of there now. By not doing so you suggest your support of this cause which is 100% totally against the free commerce that built and still drives the city that you are supposed to be managing and the country you live in. If you don't have the guts to do it, resign, go join them in their slum and let someone else more capable make the decision. We need proactive business professionals running our city, not tail waggers riding the prosperity of the oil and gas industry.