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  • SteveFrench
    January 28, 2012 - 10:08

    The Waterford is not a hotel - if your husband (or soon to be ex-husband) could have been released months ago then you should have been planning for this - obviously he was going to be released at some point. I think you've enjoyed the last 7 years without him and not working at your PCA job - and not you have to face the music and take him back... this story is not about heath care, its about a women who wants her husband locked up forever, cause she cannot deal with reality.

    • AEQ
      January 30, 2012 - 21:06

      No, this is not about a woman* who wants her husband locked up forever. I know this family, and I know what she needs help with this. It has nothing to do with facing reality. She clearly cannot live on the streets while trying to care for him! Maybe if they would reach out and help and bit she could be able to do this. Ignorant!!!

  • caro lann rogers
    January 28, 2012 - 08:32

    This woman and her husband are in great need of support and the ACT team is not doing everthing they can and are perfectly well aware of their inhuman treatment. 7-years in a mental institution, what kind of supports are inplace when prisoners are released from prison after 7-years? Its not the same department but its an interesting question. Is the manager of the mall aware his public filled shopping center is also being used for Mentally ill patients to have sessions with ACT. Do parents who allo their children to go off alone with friends to movies or the food court know that a person who just got out of the Waterford is sitting next to them? The mall didn't even look the same 7-years ago. Too many questions not enough ACTion.

  • MallRat
    January 28, 2012 - 07:52

    Many will Scoff at this womans plight and story. I work in the system she's critical of and it needs new blood. Complacency and a who cares attitude is crippling family's who need help now. This woman does not need to read 10-15 comments at days end telling her to get a job and how her husband bleeds the system, etc. She needs support from this article to get the strenght to fight the red tape and access adequate avenues to address her husbands needs. Good Luck Mrs. Evans! You have an arduous task ahead of you against the Eastern Health Machine.

    • Lisa
      January 28, 2012 - 13:56

      I agree with Mallrat, there is something definitely lacking. My family is currently going through the same thing. Our mother has been discharged from rehabilitation from a brain aneurysm after only 2 months at 6 months post event. Her first 3 months were a write-off as she battled medical issues but she has been steadily improing ever since these were resolved. The staff will not even hear anything we have to say and they just back each other up instead of working with the family. They say she went 4 weeks with no progress.......4 weeks? Who lets something go on for 4 whole weeks without fixing it!!!! We saw (and continue to see) improvements every week as did fellow patients and visitors. But they let the time ride out so they could pass out the walking papers instead of looking for input from the family or changing what they were doing to get a different outcome. So to get themseles off the hook they say she can't be rehabilitated and tell us to pack her bags for a nursing home. I question the seeming lack of tolerance/process for mental health/brain injury patients, these things take time to heal and our mother is getting shoved out way too soon. A human being with a future quality of life has been written off like trash. I wonder if this is a sign of times to come for our health care system, that we are being made to think we will get decent care if we start paying for what we get, like in the US. Change the mindset now so we welcome a pay-per-use system later. It's time to raise the red flags now!!