Bell Island bar burns

Colin MacLean
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The West Mines Sports Bar on Bell Island was destroyed by fire on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Kelly Whelan

The West Mines Sports Bar on Bell Island has burned to the ground.

Firefighters were called to the local watering hole at noon on Saturday but when they arrived flames were already visible from the building's windows.

Whipped by high winds the fire quickly consumed the business.

No one was injured; the bar was not open at the time.

The local RCMP has started an investigation into what may have caused the fire.






Organizations: West Mines Sports Bar on Bell Island, RCMP

Geographic location: Bell Island

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Recent comments

  • Thats my story
    February 07, 2012 - 01:20

    To who may agree or not agree,, West Mines Sports Bar is not the only place in this world who has a building in a area with homes or a business., It is not the only bar with vlt's, booze, or whatever you want to blame your problems on. Mr. Crane built a bar, and was living a dream with hopes of making it come true. Yes he had darts, dances, and again not the only bar that had fights by the time a dance night was over like any other other bar.. actually the only bar on bell island that never even charged a nickel to have a game of pool and play as long as you want or when the bar was closing, so all i can say is if you didnt agree with this bar in the first place or cat fights as you say,,, If you don't like it, as the saying goes Shut or or put up...Thats my story and im sticking to it.......

  • Senior of Bell Island
    February 06, 2012 - 08:49

    Yes I have to agree that the bar wont be missed with regards to the VLTS - Booze - Drugs - and cat fights up there. Not only it was a headache to many residents who reside in that area. For one I do not understand how they manage to get a permit to build such a club in close proximity of homes. Once again we are entitled to our opinions and to the bullies who also stopped comments on Bell Island tourism website with regards to drug busts om Bell Island whether you like it or not these facts still remain on Bell Island ---- we are entitled to our opinions just like you and Stephen is entitled to his opinion bu the fact remains we have to many bars on Bell Island and to many VLTs - Time to turn around the clocks and build something more productive .... We are in desperate need of a adult GYM - not that is food for though ..... wake up and lets put a stop to another BAR AND VLT place being erected on Bell Island ..... Send your thoughs to the Town of Wabana and say NO NO to this.

    • Sally
      February 06, 2012 - 12:46

      My prayers and good wishes go out to anyone effected by this horrific and devastating nightmare. I feel for the owners and worker and say congratulations to the firefighters of Wabana for their efforts and keeping the surrounding buildings protected. Unfortunately, Bell Island at one time was a thriving and promising land not only in Newfoundland but also in Canada. It is a fact that this is no longer a thriving community economically. It is also very unfortunate that people always have to find the negative in a situation as a community support is necessary for growth. This sports bar was frequented for more than just the slot machines it was also a place where many people shared laughs and the joy of music. No one is forced to drink or gamble. That is a fact! It is my opinion that it takes A LOT of guts to try and make any establishment run on Bell Island and to have any success in it should be congratulated. The Bar owner had to pay taxes to have it there, the owner has to pay to run it, regardless of if there is a profit or a deficit. I think it is a crying shame that you people can not be empathetic or sympathetic in the loss of something that someone worked to build, that someone may miss spending time at. If you read what the Telegrams is asking for is, "post comment to the subject of the posted story" Not go ahead kick someone when they are down on their luck. It is sad to see someone work hard and to see them lose what was worked for. It is sad to see a place that many stories, laughs and tunes were shared demolished by a horrible blaze. I hope nothing but new and good endeavors for anyone who was effected by this terrible fire. To anyone sending ill feelings, I hope that nothing bad like this ever happens to you because like it or not it was someones property, someones life and someones happiness that is sitting in a pile of ashes. You opinion is your opinion, however if you think one bar is the cause of a drug problems, poverty or alcoholism, give your head a shake. If you think that something is needed on the island take the initiative that this owner did and put your hard earned money out there. God Bless

  • stephen
    February 06, 2012 - 07:18

    to a bell islander. My comments could get me in yrouble? Are you for real?Opinions, like it or not, are just that. You sound like your a bit of a bully to,thats just my opinion.

  • a bell islander
    February 05, 2012 - 21:42

    why does everything have to come down to VLT;s you people need to get a grip, the building burned down , and not due to gambling , who know's how it started , stephen you should learn to keep it on a positive note ,as your comment could get you in trouble

  • mary
    February 05, 2012 - 21:38

    what does VLT's have to do with the building burning down , get a grip people , life does not resolve around gambling , it was just unfortunate that someone lost their business and people lost their jobs !!!!

  • Kevin Power
    February 05, 2012 - 16:38

    I agree Stephen, these VLT's are a huge problem. I have seen and heard of many people losing their homes and their families, reining their names and their financial positions as a result of, excessive, gambling. Some of the people I see at the machines appear to be some of those who can afford it the least. Truly unfortunate for some people.

  • stephen
    February 05, 2012 - 10:01

    I guess when VLTS have sucked the last cash advance out of your patrons and business is falling faster than a meteor,this may be a silver lining in a dark cloud,especially for small town pubs that have fallen victim to the vicious appetitie of govenment ran gambling,sucking every last loonie out of peoples ragged pants.