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  • JJT
    February 11, 2012 - 09:51

    So "justice" = "money"? I like this part: "Wealthy families did not file any claims in relation to the sinking of the Titanic simply because, in those days, people did not place a monetary value on loss of life, according to Crosbie." This is, of course, diametrically opposite to now, where thanks to lawyers there's a monetary value placed on absolutely everything.

    • Ed Hong
      February 11, 2012 - 17:31

      It was approximately four months ago that I saw an advertisement in a Telegram edition (about 1/8 page ad) looking for names of people who might want to be a party to the class action suit against the provincial government in the case of moose vehicle accidents... I was appalled that a lawyer, of such impeccable standards would descend to such a level as to try and garner more respondeants to the suit when in the final analysis, he was really only fattening his own wallet with every claimant. In reality, he was asking Newfoundlanders to sue other Newfoundlanders because it would only be our tax dollars that inevitably pay if his money grab were successful... What next? If a squirrel crosses the road and a driver panics, is that yet another suit pending?? Oh, I forgot, he's looking to go back in history to suit J.P. Morgan for the sinking of the Titanic...Tough luck!!!