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  • stephen
    February 16, 2012 - 09:03

    In my opinion the city is at fault for alot of the flooding. A lot of our water drainage systems and storm sewers are over 70 years old, and without proactive maintenance done on these pipes they're bound to back up and cause flooding . i don't know where our tax dollars go but it would be nice to see them spent on road maintenance, water and sewer maintenance, and god forbid maybe even a little bit of snow clearing!!! *shocked face*

  • Robert
    February 15, 2012 - 09:07

    Looking at the iconic views of St. john's Harbour it isn't very hard to see it as a rather large kitchen sink. Water from as far away as Paradise rushes into the harbour every time it rains; the more rain the more capacity that is needed. And as the city continues to grow the trees and wetlands that slowed the rush of water is lost. I am sure that there are drainage pipes under St. John's older then most of us and repairs/replacement is an ever ongoing challenge. However, there is a quite simple solution that would delay the rush of heavy rains and that is done with manmade ponds. Travel almost anywhere in the southern USA and you will see these areas often become the focal point of a neighbourhood. During dry spells they are just a nicely grassed area but during wet spells waterfowl, water mammels and even fish seem to find a home. In the winter I could see neighbourhood skating rinks. I would suggest as new areas (DW ville) are built that these manmade ponds are needed to prevent some of the flooding in lower St. John's.