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  • Dave
    March 05, 2012 - 09:53

    People voted the bully PC governments in and then complain because they are bullied. You supported them and rallied to get them in so don't whine to everyone who warned you that your Pensions are gone, Electricity goes through the roof etc. That whole baby boomer generation has screwed us from the start so no sense in stopping now.

  • Louie
    March 05, 2012 - 07:06

    When this (lower cost of two very limited options) project is rubber stamped by PUB and authorized by governnent, newfoundlanders can say goodbye isolated grid, hello connected grid, hello the highest electricity rates in Canada and hello the highest per capita debt in Canada once again. It will represent the second largest giveaway to a neighbouring province since the Upper Churchill deal and unfortunately will likely bring about another future set of embarrising court challenges when we feel shortchanged once again. Its our history, its our heritage after all!

  • All indications
    March 05, 2012 - 04:44

    All indications are that it’s a done deal no matter what. They’ve even said it’s going through with or without the loan from Harper. It came out at the PUB hearings that 12 to 13 Million dollars Per Month are currently being spent on it. Cost doesn’t matter now but when they get halfway through the building phase and run out of money; that is when electricity bills for households and industry will skyrocket, family incomes will be drastically reduced and more will be added to provincial/national debt. We don’t need Canada to keep us down. We do a great job of that on our own. Where’s the benefit for NfLders in a couple of hundred temporary construction jobs and debt for the next 50 years? Haven’t we already been there? Can’t we try something else? Like how about becoming a Have people to match our Have government? Hundreds of kilometers of forest cannot be flooded without killing and/or contaminating every living thing within its range. What about the people who live on the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland? What about the people who work in the fishery? Where would NS, NB, PEI, BC, and the states be without their fisheries? What’s so different about us? We are willing to pay more for our own resource while NS gets it cheap or free. Is Muskrat green energy under America’s laws or does it matter since it isn’t produced in their country? If my power bill is $400 now, what will it be in 2017? Using taxpayers’ money to develop the most expensive energy is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Let the market function on economics and the energy sector distribute to consumers at lower cost. I agree with Maurice E. Adams 100%.

  • pete
    March 04, 2012 - 20:53

    Our children will pay more down the road because the cost of electricity will go up. I would much rather them know what there going to pay then wait and see what a price of oil will be when there is less and less oil in the future! its clean it gives us a link to sell of the island get on with it!!

  • John Smith
    March 04, 2012 - 15:45

    Get on with it...for god's sake.

  • Maurice E. Adams
    March 04, 2012 - 14:23

    "Will I pay more for power when Muskrat Falls is built?" +++++ What Nalcor has done is offered up "the worm". The "hook" is for our children and grandchildren. ++++++++ Muskrat Falls costs have effectively been HIDDEN by the way Nalcor has changed the 'pricing' for us IN THE EARLY YEARS. ++++++++ We get low enough pricing in the early years, but our children and grandchildren pay about 20 times more in the future for their Muskrat Falls power than if we paid our true costs in the early years. ++++++ It is like as if you kept your mortgage payments on your house as low as possible in early years (so you can have that bigger house, and low payments), but to do so you have to extend the time out to 50 years instead of 30 years, and you have to get your children and grandchildren to co-sign and pay large payments long after you are dead. +++++ That helps explain why Dunderdale puts so much emphasis on the "loan guarantee". ++++++ How many ratepayers would support Muskrat Falls if they knew that they would be causing their children and grandchildren to pay 20 times more for that power than they should IF we paid our fair share NOW --- that is, if we paid for it like we did a mortgage? ----- And we don't even need the power. +++++ But this is a "take or pay" contract --- even if it turns out that we don't (and out children don't) need the power ---- WE AND OUR CHILDREN STILL PAY. If Nalcor is SO CERTAIN that we need the power ------ WHY DO THEY NEED (MUST HAVE) A "take or pay", iron clad ---- CONTRACT?