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Recent comments

  • Jay Person
    April 06, 2012 - 00:23

    Wonderful article. Like the commenter above, I can't help but note the similarities between then and now. Wonder when we'll become bright enough to learn from the past?

  • DON II
    April 05, 2012 - 08:14

    Nothing much has really changed in the way that Newfoundland and Labrador is administered by Government since the riot of 1932. The politically well connected look after each other and the friends of politicians still get rich on the taxpayers dime. Some families in Newfoundland have a dozen or more family members on the Government payroll and are generational employees in jobs passed from father to son and from mother to daughter! The major difference is that since joining Canada, social welfare programs funded primarily by the Canadian tax payer keeps the ordinary people in Newfoundland and Labrador from starving. Those social welfare programs keeps the people from rioting in the streets and prevents them from lynching corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who inflict harm on the people while looking after themselves and their pals. The Government of Newfoundland was corrupt in 1932 and it is corrupt in 2012. With the possible exceptions of William Carson, Ambrose Shea and Hugh Hoyles who were elected in mid 1800's, there have never been any politicians in Newfoundland and Labrador who made it their mission to clean up the corruption, clean house of incompetent and unethical bureaucrats and judges and pass laws that ensured that corruption and rampant political patronage would be stamped out. There has never been a politician in Newfoundland who even came close to undertaking major political change like Robert F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King Jr. did in the United States of America. Kennedy and King were so effective and were such a threat to the forces of evil which ruled the USA that they were both assassinated! In the absence of ethical politicians in Newfoundland and Labrador the end result is that a handful of well connected and inter connected families, well connected lawyers and an old guard bureaucracy continue to rule Newfoundland and Labrador with an iron fist. Try complaining about or taking legal action against these well connected people, well connected lawyers or old guard bureaucrats and see how far you will get! Firstly, you will not likely find a lawyer to represent you and if you do, the outcome of your case in favor of the old guard is a foregone conclusion. You will lose! These elites know that there is nobody willing or able to stop them or even monitor what they are really up to, so it is open season on the public purse. If they want you fired from your job you will be fired, if they want to close down your business, your business will be closed down, if they want to expropriate your land for use by their hacks they will simply take it by deceit and trickery, if you work for Government you will do as your told or else and if you are brought before the Courts on some trumped up charge you will likely be convicted! Perhaps it would be better if the people of today exhibited the anger and frustration at the ballot box that the people of 1932 exhibited in the streets. Political and social change is resisted by those opposed to any change in their status quo. It takes real courage to challenge the elites and to speak truth to power because you will be punished and banished for doing so in Newfoundland. However, that is all the more reason to challenge the system and those whose are in charge of it!