Canadian unemployment rates for provinces in month of June

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OTTAWA — Canada’s national unemployment rate was 7.2 per cent in June. Here’s what happened provincially (previous month in brackets):

— Newfoundland 13.0 (12.0)

— Prince Edward Island 11.3 (11.3)

— Nova Scotia 9.6 (9.2)

— New Brunswick 9.5 (9.4)

— Quebec 7.7 (7.8)

— Ontario 7.7 (7.8)

— Manitoba 5.2 (5.1)

— Saskatchewan 4.9 (4.5)

— Alberta 4.6 (4.5)

— British Columbia 6.6 (7.4)

Geographic location: OTTAWA, Canada, Nova Scotia New Brunswick Quebec Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia

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Recent comments

  • Lazy
    July 06, 2012 - 15:44

    Remember that those figures are not accurate. There is a 5% of people that are too lazy to work and suck off EI until the very last minute then work only enouh to get back on it - year after year. The true unemployment rate - for those wanting to work - is about 6% t0 7%. The others just suck off of those that work all year-every year.

  • Bob's Your Uncle
    July 06, 2012 - 12:30

    In God We Trust!

  • Edmund
    July 06, 2012 - 10:27

    Those are the wrong numbers for NL. Those #'s do not include those who have recently come off EI and those mature workers from 55 to 65 who have been displaced and cannot find work. The real number is closer to 18%. Good luck to Harper's Govnt. to find any work for those individuals, even at 70% of what they used to earn. The work is simply not there outside of serving at Tim's or MacDonalds which would not qualify for those folks based on their last income. If you are not qualified or educated to work in the oil & gas industry and construction (for the short term) one cannot find work due to the jobs are not there or one is too old or over qualified in most cases for employers to hire. They want the young crowd who will work for them longer (maybe) and they can pay them new hire wages. This is a serious problem in NL and will weaken the province even more once the oil & gas has gone its course. Not a very bright long term future and those living with the attitude of live for today and forget about tomorrow will pay a huge price, personally and financially, in the future. God help us when the banks raise interest rates to 5%.