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  • gary
    July 13, 2012 - 15:04

    The contractors these people work for should fire these gready aholes. They have not showned up for work so give the union a call and replace them. There is a wait list the length of your arm waiting for a call @ the union office. Just be happy you have a job and be with your family on the same prov. Don't give people the BS that the cost of living is the same as Alberta. Just came back from Fort Mac where I forked over $ 5. 25 for a 2L of 2% milk... My rent was $900 for each of us in a 4 bed room house. the first 2 weeks I stayed in a buddy apt. on the floor... So if you don't want to work, get going so some of us can make a living. The Union sighed the agreement back in 2009. Why are you not out in town @ their front door !!!!