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  • redrantingtory
    September 05, 2012 - 08:54

    Quebec is tearing itself apart and I suggest this election will do nothing to calm the atmosphere. When this newly elected government starts to impliment it's policies Quebec will be seen as a place to avoid at all cost. If you think it's hard to do business there now it will get much worse. Quebec spends to much time gazing inward instead of looking towards the future and welcoming people they are driving them and business away in ever larger numbers. All this along with the corruption and discontent amongst students and then throw in a few radicals makes for a Quebec that is and will be a hard place to live in the near future. At a time when much larger countries are stuggling to pay thier bills Quebec seems to think it can go it on it's own. This government is still talking separtism while it's people are dman well sick of it. What a way to move ahead. If you think Charet was bad then I suggest you haven't seen nothing yet. Wait until this crowd of fear mongering bigots gets finished.