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    September 29, 2012 - 07:29

    If NFLD do not build the muskrat falls with a transmission line to the island then on to mainland of Canada, to carry the power from Muskrat Falls and the upper Churchill when the contract now in place with Quebec expires in 2041, Then Quebec will remain getting the profits of the upper Churchill, Without its own transmission line NFLD will have to go to Quebec with its cap in hand asking if it can use its power line grid, With out the transmission line from Churchill & Muskrat Falls, Quebec remains in the driver seat when it comes to Muskrat or Churchill Falls Power, With this transmission line NFLD Will BECOME THE POWER HOUSE OF NORTH AMERICA, Should it be Built? YES! Churchill Falls & MUSKRAT Falls ran for millions of years at no cost, It will run for millions more turning the power generating turbines at no cost,The river ran for millions of years and will for millions more clean and at no cost

  • Maurice E. Adams
    September 27, 2012 - 13:58

    " a 40 year old thermal plant"?? A study by Hatch for Nalcor concluded that because Holyrood is seldom used at capacity (5.5 days a year), and shut down totally for substantial parts of the year (not needed at all), Holyrood is operationally equivalent to about half its chronological age. ......... "stabilize our rates" -- 2% increase every year is not exactly stabilizing rates........ , "we will borrow about 4 billion dollars for this project".... that does not include another 4 billion or so in cost overruns.... Also, if you review Nalcor's own media briefing you will see that cash flow out of the pockets of island ratepayers over 50 years total $35 billion. ..... "at the lowest interest rates in history"???.... they have nowhere to go but UP. ....... See www.vision2041.com

  • Winston Adams
    September 27, 2012 - 08:53

    Perhaps John and Maurice would do a public debate on the issues? Would either of you agree? This way we 'll find out if John is a person who expresses his own ideas or just a goofie newfie, with Tory talking points. Such a debate could be entertaining and informative, mabye more so than the House debate. Get your facts ready guys.

  • John Smith
    September 27, 2012 - 08:16

    Yes...that's right maurice...we don't need any power here. Quebec, and Ontario, and BC, and just about every other province in Canada needs more power, but not us goofy newfies...nope.Goofy newfies think it's better to keep buying middle east bunker C, and burning it in a 40 year old thermal plant, yes that makes far more sense than developing a hydro resource that will stabalize our rates for the next 50 years.Maurice we will borrow about 4 billion dollars for this project, at the lowest interest rates in history....not 35 billion. In comparison we spen about 3.5 billion a year every year on healthcare...every year.Sure, let's let Quebec and Ontario develop their resources, we will patch up our 40 year old oil burner in Holyrood, and send the industry and jobs elsewhere...spoken like a true Liberal Maurice...a true blue Danny Dumaresque Liberal...

  • Maurice E. Adams
    September 26, 2012 - 15:13

    So ratepayers on the island should pay revenues of $35 billion over 50 years ($700 million a year) to Nalcor so that Danny's mining giants of Labrador will get their power at about 1/10th what it will cost island ratepayers to build and transmit it to them? Holyrood cost island ratepayers $92 million a year for oil while Muskrat will cost $700 million a year. Great project (windfall) for mining corporations --- paid for by whom?????.... We would have to be nuts to do that ---- when these multi-billion dollar corporations can get all the power they need over the fence from Hydro Quebec. WE DO NOT NEED THE POWER .... See www.vision2041.com