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  • A driver
    October 04, 2012 - 09:49

    I lived in many places though out Canada let me tell you Nfld is the worst when it comes to driving,they do not obey the regulations of the road what so ever hardly anyone stops for stop signs,they speed like the devil is after them,they cut you of without even using signal lights.As you can see the news everyday people pulled over owning thousands of dollars in fines,no lic.or insure. you may see that in other places same with terrible drivers but not like here.As for pedestrians I understand not wanting to walk so far to cross on a light but crossing without a light on Kenmount Rd you take your life in your hands when you are driving there.Also here they just jump of the side walk thinking they have the right of way.Remember a car a big truck just can,t stop on a dime.Count your lucky stars you only have a broken arm.