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Recent comments

  • Not Wary
    October 04, 2012 - 19:36

    Wary, This is the fault of social workers? Sorry, I don't buy that at all. There are plenty of resources in this province for young people. This is not the fault of the well educated yet low paid social workers. It's the fault of one child, who killed a man and should have been tried as an adult and sentenced to 15 years. I'm sorry, but in a civil society, burning someone to death means someone should be held accountable.

  • jeffer
    October 04, 2012 - 14:55

    2 yrs for this dirtbag after killing someone? just because he hauled out the good old addiction card? pathetic.

  • Nick
    October 04, 2012 - 14:09

    This sentence is a joke. This monster burned alive another human being and all he get is a slap on the wrist. When he was setting fire he knew the consequences of this actions. This is injustice. It set a bad example to all the teenagers.

  • John
    October 04, 2012 - 12:20

    With this young man having led the life that seems to be portayed as having led, somebody's head shoule roll. He was put in a boarding houseby CYFS with older men. He would not have had kids in his own age group that he could talk to about whatever young adults talk about these days. Just talking to somebody around his own age group about his problems could quite possibly have prevented this. I also can't help but wonder if he was abused in any way during his upbringing. Victims of abuse of any type are statsistically proven to have a greater interaction with the law as criminals. Is anybody talking to these kids to determine whether there is any underlying problems so that these problems can be solved before the end result of the problem can be treated. Mount Cashel and the priest sexual abuse years ago is long over; there is still abuse going on whether it be sexual, physical, verbal, emotional or any other type of abuse. In fact, it could be your husband, sibling, lawyer, a judge, cop, neighbour. Anybody can be an abuser, and are. Abuse, unless treated, will have this albatros around their neck untill and even during treatment BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that it CAN be treated and the earlier treatment, the easier it is to treat the victim.

  • So Sad
    October 04, 2012 - 10:59

    Hopefully this young man will get the help he so desperately needs. He was failed by the very system that was supposed to protect him. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A FLAWED PROTECTION SYSTEM!!!! Hopefully the Child Advocate Office people are looking in to this --- someones head should roll. Someone signed off on the okay for this boy to live in a boarding house with adult men. This situation and the death of Mr. Medina was TOTALLY PREVENTABLE>

  • wary
    October 04, 2012 - 10:53

    It's unfortunate the real culprits aren't on trial. We taxpayers throw huge amounts of money at child services & they still can't get it right. It's always after the fact with little or no prevention services for those that desperatly need help. It cost an innocent man his life for this poor boy to get the help he needed. I suspect nothing has changed. SHAMEFUL.