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Recent comments

  • wavy
    October 07, 2012 - 15:02

    Had one fall out onto the kitchen counter upon opening my coffee filter basket one morning. Coffee was no longer required that morning.

  • Mr.Mom
    October 07, 2012 - 12:23

    @ I Wonder AND Jacklyn Adams - Are you guys for real ? Really.......REALLY !!!!!

  • I wonder.....
    October 07, 2012 - 09:24

    They’re ugly and creepy, and they just freak people out So basically if earwigs were as cute as seals, they would have a ""save the earwig campaign"

  • Jacklyn Adams
    October 06, 2012 - 15:24

    I really don't know why people really hate the earwigs. So they dont look pretty. Well so what? They do play a beneficial role in nature. And they are generally shy creatures who want to stay out of sight and will only nip you if they feel threatened. They are also very good parents (which is more than you can say for many human beings!) I am used to them. Why all the hate?