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  • DON II
    October 28, 2012 - 21:15

    The Government of Newfoundland is attempting to dismiss and refuse to listen to well respected and very experienced and knowledgeable lawyers such as Bern Coffey and Dennis Browne who have raised legitimate questions and concerns regarding the proposed Muskrat Falls project. In recent years the Government of Newfoundland has relied on bad advice from its officials and from outside special interests with vested interests in having the Government follow their advice. The Government of Newfoundland followed very bad advice when it expropriated the environmental liability of the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Mill. There was absolutely no need to expropriate the mill and transfer the liability for cleaning up the mill to the tax payer. The Government of Newfoundland accepted very bad advice from lobbyists with vested interests who wanted private properties in Cupids expropriated in order to create a Provincial Historic Sit to commemorate a fictional historic site known as the Cupids Cove Plantation. Historians know and the Government of Newfoundland ought to have known that a place called the Cupids Cove Plantation is NEVER mentioned in the entire historical record of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The same vested interests claimed that John Guy landed at Cupids when the historical record contains documents, letters and maps that show that John Guy DID NOT land at Cupids in 1610. There was absolutely no justification for expropriating private properties in Cupids. Now, the Government of Newfoundland is acting on more bad advice from vested interests to proceed with all haste with the Muskrat Falls project regardless of the potential for increasing the Provincial debt beyond the capacity of the Government to control and creating the potential of substantially increasing electricity rates for customers which use electricity as their main source of heat in Winter. Why does the Government of Newfoundland listen to these behind the scenes lobbyists and vested interests? Why does the Government insist on undertaking actions which are not in the best interests of the public, the tax payers or the Crown? When there is no real open or transparent Government, these ill advised actions can be easily arranged and undertaken in secret with little or no opposition. In the case of Muskrat Falls, lawyers Coffey and Browne are trying to shed light on the ill considered actions regarding Muskrat Falls and the potential for economic disaster for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Secrecy, unfettered lobbying and behind the scenes manipulation regularly serves as business as usual inside the Confederation Building. I commend Bern Coffey and Dennis Browne for having the courage to speak truth to power and to demand answers and transparency from the Government of Newfoundland despite the abuse and ridicule they will be subjected to for displaying the temerity to stand up for what is right against the power of the Government and its cronies!

  • D. Beck
    October 28, 2012 - 15:52

    Before Muskrat Falls Project comes to fruition, why isn't Churchill Falls operating at maximum capacaity. It is my understanding that only a portion of the turbines in place in Churchill Falls are producing electricity. Apparantly, there is a huge amount of electricity available but not being activated. My question is why is Chuirchill Falls not being optimized to its maximum capacity before spending millions/billions on another project? It is high time to settle whatever disputes that exist between Quebec and Newfoundland regarding the Churchill Falls development and use it to its maximum capacity before creating another power source.

  • Maurice E. Adams
    October 28, 2012 - 14:28

    Seems Quebec Hydro has a number of legislative/contractual/agreement documents in their favour ---- 1) ........the Power Contract between Hydro-Quebec and CF(L)Co dated May 12, 1969 ("1969 Power Contract");------- 2)..... the Renewed Power Contract between Hydro-Quebec and CF(L)Co, which will come into force automatically (2016) on expiry of the 1969 Power Contract;---------3).......... the Guaranteed Winter Availability Contract between Hydro-Quebec and CF(L)Co, dated November 1, 1998; --------- 4)........ the 1999 Shareholders Agreement between HQ and CF(L)CO; --------- 5)........ the province of NL's own Electrical Power Control Act; and--------- 6) .........Nalcor's Water Management Agreement itself (which HQ has refused to be party to)............... Seems HQ is holding all the cards and any "reasonable" person would either, first, get approval from Quebec Hydro, or two, get a court decision on whether or not Nalcor (through its Water Management Agreement) or Hydro Quebec has the over-riding authority to manage water in and flowing from the Churchill Reservoir ---- and do so BEFORE locking the provinces ratepayers into what may be $10-15 billion project that might first and foremost and by law have to operated in a way that is under the control of Hydro Quebec --- and for their benefit (FIRST, and perhaps, solely).

  • Brad Cabana
    October 28, 2012 - 10:15

    The 1999 Shareholders Agreement between Hydro Quebec and NL Hydro allows Quebec to use every MW of power, above and beyond its set MWs, from the Upper Churchill dam. Sections 3.4.6 and 3.4.7. Nalcor knows this and is trying to be cute by going to the PUB for a water management agreement. Problem is, Hydro Quebec has a veto over CFLCO sending that power to anyone else. In other words, this is a case of Williams trying to do an end run around a contract that his old buddy Dean MacDonald signed in 1999. You can see both the 1999 Shareholders Agreement and the Upper Churchill Falls Power Contract 1969 at StandInYourPlaceNL.com .