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  • Winston Adams
    November 07, 2012 - 10:39

    Gas sniffing Innu- must be pleased with the MOU. Lots of words like 'improve planning' enhance servive co-ordination. work closely, provide the framework, establish expectations, access to rights and benefits, new model, focused on needs of Labradorians, , help meet the needs, positive step, best interest of children and youth, effective and efficient working relationship, continued sharing of information-- for children currently on the case load, planning circle, consistent representation,, review shared information regularly, identify specific and practical ways to improve service delivery- on the caseload, very concerned about children being placed into care, ensure culturally- appropriate care, plans to support parents, a great step forward, a joint signing event, a united effort, a fresh approach by community members, will have a positive impact for children and youth,- and ultimately the future of Labrador, working together, properly care for Innu children and youth at risk, looking forward to positive results from MOU, MOU is very encouraging, we are hopeful , move forward with treatment for children and youth in the community. ------All about children on the caseload, it seems. Is there one new initiative to discourage children not yet on the caseload from sniffing gas? Does the MOU sweep this under the carpet for another while? One would hope there will be action, not just words- by those in political power, in our government and the local officials. Lets hope the action exceeds the words. But I doubt it.