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    November 09, 2012 - 15:32

    I have a colour printed paper that i picked up at the Dept of fisheries White HILLS about thirty years ago called "ONE IN A MILLION" which tells how one Cod egg in a million survives to become an adult Cod Fish, This was back 30 years ago when cod fish were plenty full, What is the mortality rate of a cod fish now? I think that the fish hatchery should be used to breed the cod eggs or hatch the eggs and let them mature for a while then release them into protective bays or coves until they mature a bit then release them into small protected bays around the island that might help the Biomass of cod fish increase, They would also need a seal cull or some kind of drug put on the ice flows that would help Lower the massive seal heard that are in the many millions destroying the cod stock, also get a copy of a film in the NTV archives that was shown on TV News of a herd of seals driveing cod fish upon the beach like caplin and people oicking up live cod fish on the beach , The fishermen that filmed this said that in the small cove where this was filmed the ocean floor was 5 to 6 feet deep in dead fish with their bellies torn open, they say the seals only eat their liver